Dressing dogs?

I spotted the above photo on Tumblr today and it made me laugh -  While I do find the ocassional "dog-in-a-costume" picture amusing and kind of cute, I am mostly against dogs wearing clothing.

Personally I DON'T think it's ok to dress a dog in clothing, unless....
(a) it will save the animal from freezing to death
(b) you are going to a dog & owner fancy dress party
(c) The dog is in a witness protection programme and has to wear a disguise
(d) you need to hide your dogs embarrassing haircut or rash
(e) your dog is the mascot for a sports team
(f) you are seriously afraid of "naked" animals (crazy, yes - but who am I to judge)
(g) The dog loves clothes and dresses itself
(h) The dog fits in your handbag,  is practically hamster-sized and has short hair (these dogs are not bred to be treated like "real" dogs)

What do you think of dogs wearing clothes?
Do you dress your dog?


  1. OMG friggin hilarious! (the pic and your comments) LO flippin LOUD

  2. Hee hee hee.

    I particularly loved the 'witness protection' one ;)

  3. My friend from the US asked if she could bring doggie nailpolish for my mini hampster size dog. I replied with a firm "no".

  4. Anonymous - I would say No too - for any animal, I think using nailpolish is going way too far.

  5. Hie hie cute pic.
    Not a fan of dressing up dogs but I did love Knox in his little red bow tie for Cristmas.

  6. Oh isn't that cute & funny!! I would only dress up my dog if I looked at it doing its business and it was freezing it's lil tail off & I could see it shivering. I would get a warmer thing for its body but I'm not sure about the hat?!?! =P

    Melanie's Randomness

  7. yes, if your dog loves clothes and can dress himself. i say go for it!


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