Gorgeous giveaway

Darling readers, today is the start of my first ever blog giveaway and I'm totally excited to be able to giveaway such a pretty prize (wish I could keep it for myself) *winks*

The lovely Julie from Collect Jewellery (which is based in Cape Town) has sponsored the below item for me to giveaway:
COLLECT necklace: Limited edition hand-made sterling silver bow pendant with pearl on 45cm silver chain (Pendant is 2.5cm x 2cm) - both valued at R440 (which is about $50)

Isn't it pretty?

Here is what you need to do to enter:

1. First, comment on this post and let me know what is your favourite piece on the Collect Jewellery website - this will get you 1 entry (If you cannot comment on this post, but would like to enter please send me an e-mail)
2. Then, become a follower of this blog (or mention that you are already )- this will get you 2 entries.
Please note: *Anyone may enter this giveaway.
*This giveaway will end on 26 August and the winner will be announced on 27 August (Random.org will pick the winning entry). Good Luck!


  1. Enter me pls :) such cute pieces!! :) i really like WN0008 from the wear me collection and i am a follower. :P

  2. oooooooh!!! pls to enter :D hmmm...am I allowed to name more than one favourite?? WE0003; WE0005; WE0009 and WE0007....can't choose between them.

    And I'm already a follower too!

  3. I'm already a follower, does that count? And my favourite piece is WE0015 (the turquoise drop earrings)

  4. Oooh yay!

    I don't know how to follow your blog...I'm on wordpress? But I am subscribed in Google Reader?

    Anyway, my fav piece is WN0017.

  5. hey! my favourite piece is also WE0015 (the turquoise drop earrings)-you go Helen!!-
    I am a follower! :)
    great give away!! :D

  6. I LOVE jn006. Been following you for a while.

    What a beautiful piece to giveaway! Good Luck everyone.

  7. Okay from the Wear it collection there's this pierced silver pendant on silver/pearl necklace. I gasped when I saw it. There's something about that piece that has me enthralled.

  8. Hi There,

    I just became a follower(hanging head in shame) but i've been reading your blog for a while. Please enter me too. I loved WE0007 The earings with hook and detachable buttons. Loooove the buttons.

    Please enter me too

  9. Do I have to choose a favorite, flip that lady is amazing. Thank you Brazen for the intro!!! My two favorite pieces are from here "wear me" collection, the
    WN001 coffee pot on the pearl necklace (WOW!!!) & the WN003 telephone with little pear on the silver necklace (WOW again!!!) - I am a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland.

    I am also an avid follower of your blog, daily reading!

  10. Hey Ruby here (not rubyletters, Cornelia) I am a follower, and I LOVE the WE 0015 from the wear me collection :)

    pick meeeee i luv the necklace :)

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  12. First of all - that website is so cute!

    My favorite piece WE009 from the Wear Me Collection --- but the neckalce you're giving away is def. tied!

    I am a follower already :)

  13. Enter me please! I love WN0008 from the Wear Me collection :) I'm a follower x

  14. Enter me please :)
    I follow you
    & My favourite is WN0008 silver bow pendant with pearl drop from the wear me collection!


  15. i was flabbergasted with that website
    its just so cute!!!!

    i wanna bookmark it

    anyways, im a new follower

    i rather like the WE0013
    i love earrings!

    i posted your giveaway HERE

  16. That is very pretty! I am not really a big jewellery person - but on her site the onxy heart pendant is lovely (JN00003)

    I follow :)

  17. I follow :) O really like WN0004

  18. Enter me please. :) My favourite piece of jewellery from the very cute website is WN0014. I'm already a follower. Thanks. :) xxx

  19. My absolute favorite piece are the WE0010 (medium silver pierced earrings with swan motif and smoky quartz drops) earrings from the Wear Me collection. I'm a new follower!

  20. What a great website, thanks for pointing me in its direction. I'm a huge jewelry and accessories fan and I love buying it so this is great. I love the swan motif silver earrings with the smoky quarrtz!
    Will try to follow you for extra entries but I've never really wrapped my head around it - ha!

  21. Please enter me! I'm a follower and avid reader of your blog and I love the desings number WE0007, WE0015, JN0001, JN0005 and WN0004.

  22. Enter me please! I am a follower!! My favourite piece from the collection is JN0006 it's sooo pretty! I love the delicate pearls and the heart of course.

  23. Oh gosh, the website in itself is lovely but the jewelry..wow!

    My favorite is the Silver Bow necklace WN0008. It's SO pretty!

  24. I became a follower of your blog :)

  25. I'm a follower now!

    As for favorite piece, it has to be the one you have pictured (the WN0010)! I'm a sucker for bows. The other one I really like is the teapot necklace, the WN0001. Gorgeous!

  26. Am so excited. love competitions! and am loving those pieces. My favourite is WN0004. It's amazing!
    Already a follower and a huge fan!

  27. I've been a follower for ages and I love JN0005 - Pearl necklace with front silver toggle "collect" charm with crystal briolette.

    So pretty!

  28. Ooh yay! She has great stuff. I especially like the pearl and chain necklace (from the Josephine collection).

  29. oooh... what a stunning little Bow pendant.

    I went to have a look over at Collect Jewellery and must say I like quite a few of them but if I must choose just one then wn0008 definitely gets my vote!!


  30. I love her stuff I bought one of her rings at the design indaba in Cape Town and love it, the best ring I have ever had! I cant see it on her website but I love WN0014 and it matches my ring...x

  31. oh i love WE0007!!! well actually all the pretty earings, its so cute! wow id love to win the cute necklace!!!cool blog, im a follower from now on!

  32. Hey lady!

    I've followed you for AGES! ;) I'd follow you anywhere.

    And I love, love, love the earrings from the Wear Me collection, WE0015.

    Great contest! ;)

  33. You know I'm a reader! It's sooo pretty! :)

  34. Love the Alice in Wonderland Collection - The antique chair is gorgeous!!

    Blogged it here :) http://www.kimgray.co.za/2009/08/13/win-on-being-brazen/

  35. i love love love the alice in wonderland collection!
    enter m pls :)
    i'm a new follower

  36. Loves!! Enter me, stat. My favorite piece is the telephone necklace: WN0003. So cute. (I'm already a follower, of course.) :)

  37. Mine is JN0001! Will follow you now now!

  38. oooo, so many choices! WN002 and JN001. and the prize of course! Gorgeous! happily following your blog :)

  39. Nice idea Brazen! And Collect's website is stunning. Lovely girly stuff.

    My favourite pieces are most definitely JN0001 - The pearl and silver chain necklace with toggle clasp, from the Josephine Collection. And from the Wear Me Range, I LOVE WN0003, the silver chain necklace with antique telephone charm and mini pearl drop.

    Might have to order one or both of them for myself!!

    Have a great weekend :)

  40. Please enter me! I am in looooove with WN0004, the silver chain with apple charm and the mini pearl drop, I MUST have it!
    I love your blog, and am becoming a follower today! x

  41. Omg, what gorgeous pieces.. So many to choose from, My Favs are WE0009, WE0010, WE0013 (Wear me collection) and JE0004 (Josephine collection)
    Enter me Pls.. I am also a follower.. :)

  42. Absolutely Stunning pieces... So many to chosse from.. WE0009, WE0010, WE0013 (Wear me collection) Both colections are gorgeous...
    Pls Pls Enter me.. Im a new follower.. :)

  43. I wanna enter!!!

    WN0004 from the Wear Me collection and the whole Josephine collection are my faves :)

    And I'm already following you :)

    xo xo

    Have a great great day ^^,

  44. What a lovely way to promote such beautiful jewellery! I love the Collect website. From the Wear Me collection I would have to go with WE0015 - a touch of turquoise can brighten up any outfit...and from the Josephine collection, JN0004 - the combination of materials is super.

    And of course, I am a follower...as always, thank you for the refreshing read!

  45. Please enter me! Superficialgirl gave me the tip ;) I really like WN0009, sadly I don't have a blog yet, so I can't follow you :(....

  46. Me me me me me me me

    I want to win!!!

    i love WE0001 and WE0002

    And i always read your blog!

  47. enter me please!

    i love jn003 its really cute!

    I followed you also and blogged about your giveaway!


  48. I would love to enter, please! that necklace is beautiful! I have just become a new follower. XX
    My fave item is WE0007

  49. Current follower checking in!! :-)

    I had my favorite narrowed down between two different pieces...but finally decided on WN0009.

  50. so cute! i love WN0017! i wouldn't want to get it engraved though! it's just so pretty.

  51. I am a fan, and a follower!

    Those are such beautifull pieces - seems like Alice is everywhere these days! I especially like WN0004 and WN0009 from the "Wear me" range, and JN0001 from "Josephine".

    Great giveaway!

  52. Please enter me- I am a follower! Love the collections, my favorite has to be WE0015- I am a turquoise addict and these are gorgeous! Love the collections- so pretty!

  53. JN0006

    Thanks for letting me know about this awesome give-a-way. :)

  54. What a pretty necklace! I think the antique telephone charm is so precious.

  55. i love the silver hook earrings with the detachable turquoise drops!!

    enter me for this shizzle contest please.

    and if i have you in my google reader, does that count as following?

  56. Enter me please, i'm already a follower and my favourite piece is WN0009 from the wear me collection. :)

  57. I wanna play! hehe.

    Cute stuff! I love the WE0009 earrings. Um, what does it mean to be a follower?? Of COURSE I follow your blog, dear friend. :)

  58. My favorite is JE0004. Those are some of the cutest earrings that I have ever seen.

    I am already a follower

  59. Free jewelry! My g/f will be gobsmacked!

    She'd love JN0002

  60. Hi! I am a new follower, just discovered your blog!
    I'd like to enter the contest and my favorite jewelry is JE0001 :-)

  61. Am so happy I discovered your blog!
    I absolutely adore the antique chair charm & mini pearl drop! What awesome stuff.


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