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Its Monday again, which bites - but on the bright side, I'm one day closer to payday (hooray!)
My weekend - the short version: Friday night was glorious, I drank way too much red wine (my wine glass was freakishly huge and someone kept filling it *winks*), and enjoyed chatting with friends. I stumbled home safely (thanks to my awesome Boyf). Saturday I felt a little rough around the edges, as the red wine left me with a super headache and the hot water decided not to work anymore...so, I spent the day on the couch watching TV movies.
Sunday was nice and bright. Saw some family and ate some apple pie. Missed hot water alot (I hope a plumber comes today).

Today I chose the winners for the Cape Town giveaway. I decided to write names on paper and pick names randomly out of a box. To see the winners click HERE . On Thursday I will announce the lucky winner of the jewellery giveaway :)

How was your weekend?


  1. Aaaaaah I didn't win =( I spent my weekend working on my thesis. I can't wait for payday. I'm planning on buying myself a brand new spanking warddrobe.

  2. It was good! The sun was out, so we lay in the park reading, and went out for delicious summer and discovered a new place to go walking, a place wih actual hills!

  3. Like I said in our chat earlier....I WANT A TYPEWRITER LIKE THAT!! :)

    I had a so so weekend. Nothing to write home about. ;)

  4. Sid - Sorry you didnt win. I wish everyone could have won :) I also cannot wait for payday

    Po - That sounds like a great weekend

    Sleepyjane - ME TOO. I love that typewriter!!!

  5. HAHAHA! Wine Flu...I am so going to use that!

    Congratulations to your winners!

  6. OMG! OMG! We won! Thanks so much! Know I sound like an idiot but am so excited! That is even better news than the sms notification I get when it's payday. it's that fabulous!
    the weekend was good. went to a couple of shows at fashion week. got to wear pink stockings. so really happy!
    thanks again!

  7. No hot water has to be the worst thing - would have made me keep drinking the red wine :)

    I had a lovely weekend - with WAY too much rose - on Fri, Sat and Sun! It happens!

  8. well, at least Friday was so fab! But you still sounds cheery.

    I'm also awaiting pay day so my weekend was just pumped by Friday night which was SUCH a party!!!

    Have a good week!

  9. Yay, I can't believe I won something! Had a great weekend, two shows at fashion week, lots of bubbly and some diy. Perfect!

  10. Well - for some reason - my weekend played out a lot like yours. . . only I drink white.

  11. Yep its a bummer to not be a winner of such a nice prize, congrats to the lucky ones,make our girls proud and ENJOY.
    Not a good time to be without hot water,I'm with Laura on the idea of red wine to keep warm,lol. Hope you are sorted out now, have a fab week!!!!

  12. Sounds delightful, can't wait to see who wins the jewelry.

  13. Check it out

    They would probably like the typewriter too!

  14. Sounds like you had a great evening although the next day isn't always fun, after too much wine.

  15. Lovely Pic! I want one too! (Wonder if I'd be able to work on it though...hehe)

    My weekend was quite interesting. I've been trying to post about it for 3 damn days now but I keep hanging around other blogs all the time... hehe!

  16. I so wish I owned that typewriter!!


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