10 things I learnt this weekend

1. After I get a French manicure I look at my hands alot and find reasons to get people to notice my nails *grins*.
2. Cooking too much food is always better than cooking too little food for a dinner.
3. Meeting a fellow blogger in real life was cool and not as weird as I thought it would be.
4. Getting roses from The Boyf will always make me feel giddy.
5. Terminator 2 is still totally awesome
6. One of the best times to eat pizza is after midnight - Well, unless you are a gremlin (then its a no no).
7. A band is only as good as its lead singer
8. Over sized stripy jerseys make me happy
9. I am starting to learn how to ignore some of the silly voices in my head - and its about time :)
10. If you dont try run after your dreams , you will never know if you can catch them.

What did you learn this weekend?


  1. Who did you meet?
    10) Ugh ... I really should get started on my novel, shouldn't I?
    Pizza ... yummy. Where can I find some good pizza NOW???

  2. i agree with 5, 6 and 7.
    but still working on 9 and 10!!

  3. :)

    Why wouldn't you look at how awesome your nails are?

    You practically *know* blog friends anyway.

    I learnt nothing this weekend. What a waste!

  4. 1. That riding off road motorbikes rule!!
    2. That Hansa Pilsner is my favorite beer at the moment.
    3. That Durban is the place for me to become and old man and a becoming a “local”
    4. That the Durban Underwater Club is one of the best kept secret on the east coast.
    5. That I need to get DSTV like BADLY!!
    6. Spur make dodgy calamari!!!
    7. That sunglasses are a vital part of life!!
    8. Converse cost R550 for a pair of high tops, but they last a life time (sorta)
    9. That I really really really don’t like flying!!
    10. I AM CRAZY!!

  5. I also watched Terminator 2 and its still as cooollll as I can remember lol!!!

    I agree with the pizza, french Mani, Roses AND nr.10!

    have a GR8 week Brazen. not tooooo far from December holidays!

  6. Hehe, told ya it wouldn't be that weird. ;-)

    And agree with all points!

  7. Agree with all of those except number 1 and 4! :)

    Terminator 2 rocks!

    I learnt too much of a good thing is often too little of not enough...

  8. ok, this was awesome. anytime i paint my nails i always try to point to things more often and have people notice them. the best tiem to eat pizza is definitely after midnight, over juicy girl talk is even better. :) hmm i learned that laying in bed watching movies, and baking all weekend is good for the soul.

  9. Sunshine, good friends and live music on a Sunday afternoon = great way to start a new week!

  10. I started to list which #'s I could relate to; I looked at my list, realizing it was all but the french manicure.

    #10 IS SO TRUE!

    xo, Mango

  11. Cool, I am quite nervous of meeting bloggers, I keep wondering what on earth they would think of me.

  12. Sounds like you had a great weekend!
    I have to stay away from french manicures. My OCD kicks in immediately if they do not look perfect.
    Have a great day!

  13. Nice lessons :)

    I know the nail pride feeling but I've only experienced it as a result of finally stopping to bite them (bar the odd slip up). I am yet to enjoy manicure pride!

    With you on that cooking and the pizza lessons!! I've made pizzas from scratch (except for the base) at 6am before, after a night out on the town. Still the best pizza's I've ever eaten.

    I'm in two minds about your thoughts on a band and it's lead singer. Need to ponder that one a bit...

    Yes on the running after our dreams! Yes! Yes! Yes!

    My lesson: I learnt that the amount of fun we can have is directly determined by the amount of fun we want to have. It's all internal and that easy!

    Have a great week :)

  14. Lol, I remember when I had gel nails put on, i put talking with my hands. I don't think there is ever a bad time to eat pizza but one of my favourites is the day after you get it. mmmm!
    We started watching Buffy from the beginning and I learned, no matter how much older I get, Angel still makes me swoon.

  15. J has this grey and black stripey jersey that I absolutely love. He never gets to wear it.

  16. I love your 10 things. I learnt that sometimes all you need is a steak. And hugs are the best thing after a crap day at work.

  17. I learned that having friends is less of a hassle when you're a good friend in return.

  18. I learned that I still love road trips. That my husband's extended family is adorable. And that my house is the happiest little nest in all the world.

  19. some of the best bands don't have lead singers... Explosions in the sky, boards of Canada, mogwai...
    then the best band does have the best front man... The Mars Volta!!

  20. I'd always wondered about the nail thing. LOL.

  21. When i got gel nails i was also staring for ages! hehe so weird!

  22. I learnt that a big part of my heart still lives in KZN.

    I think a band can get away with a lead singer who occasionally gets it wrong. But not a rubbish drummer - that stuffs everything up for all band members.

  23. The way Being Brazen lights up my mood on any given day is just beyond me....I'm learning to breathe easy more and more everyday. Its a pity though I cannot access it on my blackberry...Earth to network,like where you at??


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