10 things about me

The lovely Sleepyjane gave me a cool award (thanks) AND tagged me to write 10 things about myself.

If you read my blog often you probably know plenty about me already - So I tried to think of a few random things I have not mentioned before on here (not easy). Well here goes...

1. I am afraid of sharks and deep water - So, even though I love the ocean, I never actually swim in it. The only time I ever did was when i was little (ignornace is bliss) and when i was in Greece (the water was so clear I could not resist).
2.I really like sci-fi and fantasy - yip, im a bit of a nerd ;)
3. I really don't like smoking - I can't handle people smoking near me or smelling like cigarette smoke. Its so ikky.
4. My current ring tone makes me laugh - Its "Good girls go bad" by Cobra Starship. It's a bit embarrassing. (FYI -my girl crush, Leighton Meester, sings in the song)
5. I want to find the Loch Ness monster -see 2 *winks*
6. One of my all time favourite movies is Great Expectations - the one starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Ethan Hawke. There is just so much I love about this film.
7. Sometimes I think that getting take out and eating it outside (aka "fast food picnic")is as nice as going to a pretty restaurant - don't you agree?
8. I have a mini Eiffel Tower on my key ring - Ive always wanted to be able to speak french and live in France- its such a totally romantic, lofty dream. I still have not been to France, but one day I will definitely go for a holiday there.
9. I have a rather twisted sense of humour at times - I definitely got it from my mother.
10. I always like to buy a huge box of *Smarties when i go to the cinema - I try make the box last the whole movie.(*Smarties are kinda like M& M's)

I would like to pass on the award (left) and tag the following 10 people: 1. Lana 2. Drollgirl 2. Boldly Benny 3.Superficial Girl 4. Sid 5.Roxilla 6.Somewhere in between 7.Po 8.Marie 9. Sassy Britches and 10.Skinny bitches in the making.


  1. You should come swim here! I was afraid as well (like most capetonians) but after three summers i am over my something is going to bite me from underneath phobia :P Thanks for the tag i will def do it! :)

  2. Ooh yay, a meme is just what the doctor ordered. :-)

    Thanks hun! x

  3. Smarties are BETTER than M&M's!! :D

  4. Well, I'm definitely a m&m girl, the peanut ones!

    Thanks for the tag, this is probably gonna take me for ever to do!

    Love your fast food picnic theory, so true!

  5. I used to have a girl crush... It's SO weird that you can adore someone that much but want nothing sexually. LOL.

    I don't like candy coated chocolate. In fact I'm more of a chips girl.

    I am frightened of Sharks too. Kim and I have planned to go shark cage diving to beat the fear. Thank goodness we're both procrastinators at times.

  6. Ooh thank you my dear! I agree about taking out and eating outside, it is soooo nice!

  7. Fast food picnics are fabulous.

    I'm so glad you clarified about the Smarties: in the United States they are as far from chocolate as you can get!

    And I think it's great that you have your dreams about France, and even if you might not ever live there, you're still having it as a goal for a holiday (I've been struggling with this for many years--wanting to move to a foreign country); maybe I should just reframe it in my mind that I don't HAVE to live there and that a holiday is just what is needed!

  8. ooooh! If you like to read, and like sci-fi/fantasy, and are obsessed with twilight like I am, then I suggest you pick up a copy of The Host by Stephanie Meyer... its pretty good.

    Also, Congrats on the award lady :)

  9. love your answers!!! i am petrified of sharks (hello?!?!? OPEN WATER?!?!? never again will i get more than a foot in the ocean!)!

    and thank you for passing the award on to me! :)

  10. I have 2 ringtones - 'Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy' (Queen) for my man. And 'Comfortably Numb' (Pink Floyd) for the rest. "Hello, hello, hello...is there anybody out there?" I get looks every time my cell rings when I'm out. And I love it!

  11. Been reading your blog for a while and I think you will totally smitten by Paris or France for that matter.

    You must go there, Paris can be quite brash at first but one you see Eiffel in the "flesh", all that brashness does not matter. It just awesome up close but even more breathtaking when seen from a distance.

    Ah I need my Paris fix! Do try to also make a trip to quaint small town in France, totally worth it. My recommendation will be Aix En Provence in the south. I would live there if I could.

  12. I am afraid of deep water too which is so odd since I was a swimmer at school but put me in the sea and I FREAK OUT!

    Must say that smokey smell - not one of my most favourite things!!

  13. Aw! Thanks for playing along! :) I realise many people hate doing these tag things.

    Great list!

  14. OMW!!! I got an award. You love me. You really, really love me. *tears of joy*

  15. I can totally relate to number 1.
    I live on the beach.. but wont go near the water.. "Jaws" may/may not be a contributing factor!!


    P.S. Cool list!

  16. Some Comments...

    Leighton Meester can sing???

    So with you on the French thing - I'm starting a course at Alliance Francais early next year - you keen to join me? Night classes?

    Smarties rock! I like to eat them at the same time as the popcorn though! Did you ever try "Brights"? They were Woolworths version of Smarties back in the day. I miss them!

    Just catching up on all the Being Brazen I've missed out on, so many comments to come :)

  17. I am also scared of deep water. I do not swim in dams.


  18. I totally want to find Nessie as well. Am so glad I'm not the only one!
    Am totally with you on the smoking thing. The smell of someone who has been smoking makes me nauseous.
    Will totally do this later!

  19. Haha, love these! It'd be cool to see the loch ness monster but I'd probably be scared :)

  20. Thanks! This sounds like fun and I think my blog is in need of a meme. It's been a while... And I also agree Smarties are way better. Something about the shells. Plus love the rest of your ten things. France is great in many ways and the Loch Ness monster would be cool. I always imagined it as very friendly.

  21. Oh, thanks for tagging!! Just what I need to inspire a post to get my back from my short hiatus!

    You and I are so similar on 1, 2, and 9!

    I hope you enjoy your weekend :)


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