Tuesday, 1 September 2009

First facial

I was meant to go for my first facial a few weeks ago. Unfortunately evil ninja flu germs came along and ruined my plans. So, I had to reschedule.

Finally on Saturday I got to have my first facial (a 1 hour, Dermalogica one). Let me just say, I went in a facial skeptic and came out a facial believer.

I thoroughly enjoyed my facial. My beautician was nice, It was relaxing, it made my skin feel healthier and made me feel like a pampered princess. The only downside to the facial was that it was not longer *winks* >

I plan on going for another facial next month (they are addictive). I highly recommend that if you have never been for one (even if your a guy) you should go and try it out :)

Do you go for facials?

*I had my facial HERE

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  1. told'cha it's addictive! lol!!

  2. BB, um...your title. Unless my mind is in the gutter or it's going to attract some popularity from the adult world. :)

    Ha ha.

  3. I had a Dermatologica facial for my first too, and it was incredible! I had always heard such scary stories of them giving you breakouts and things, and all that happened was I came out feeling fabulous! and with a bundle of free sample goodiness!

  4. Never ever tried. What on earth did they do?

  5. Helen - I also got lovely free samples. I love Dermalogica. I have been using it for years. great stuff.

    Po- They cleanse, exfoliate, steam your face, extract bad things, put nice cream on and massage. Go try it :)

  6. ahhhhhhhhhh i want one now ^^

  7. One year my husband got me a facial as a gift...I loved it! I would love to go back for another one :)

  8. sounds amazing. I'm a Nimue girl but would love to afford Dermalogica. I absolutely love the Daily Microfoliant. You should try a hot stone facial next, they are amazing!

    You should look out for Amazing Vouchers on the internet. They have it all over SA, and I think the states as well. You pay R195 per month for 30 vouchers. It includes things like beauty, fitness, bars and restaurants etc etc etc.

    Check it out.
    Glad you enjoyed it!

  10. i love facials and massages! myself and the man went for a couples one once and it was really nice and you are right any pampering is totaly addictive! :)

  11. It's very addictive. I love facials and if I had more money, I'd be getting them all the time.

  12. i have only been once for a facial, it was feb this year. my bosses gave me a voucher for my b'day & gave me the afternoon off. i had 3 hours of treatments. it was awesome, i just haven't had the time to go again.

  13. Oh god i love this topic...

    I, with out fail - have a facial once every 6 weeks. AND a pedicure... I also use Dermatologica, which i LOVE.

    I think that my 6 weekly appointments have been booked well into 2010!

    Dare i admit.. and not many people know this - but i actually have a seperate "Girls nice things" account that i put money into for such things.

    My skin does have the ability to be a problem skin... and as they say - prevention is better than cure.

    [The pedi done while i have teh facial is PURE endulgence]

  14. Oh, WOW! I've never had one, but I've been a bit scared. I, like Helen, hear they REALLY get your face all clean and stuff, but since your face isn't used to it, it breaks out! Yikes. Keep us posted!


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