Friday, 25 September 2009

Friday fluff

Tonight I am rather busy - after work i'm having a blow dry, getting a french manicure (can't wait), meeting blogger Rox, seeing a band and watching a stand up comedian. Should be fun!

This weekend I have no plans yet, except that I will probably visit my mom, might look at some kitchen taps and may try make it to gym at least once (i haven't been all month).

Some random news - Apparently scientists have found 162 new species in Asia. Among the new species is a fanged frog
(i have decided to rename it "vampire kermit"). It totally amazes me that people are still discovering new species today. Sometimes the world seems so small, that I forget there are still parts that have not been completely explored yet. Makes me wonder what else is out there? Read full story here.

What are you up to this weekend?

Ps - I totally adore the shoes pictured above. They are too cute. If you know where I can buy them, let me know :)

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  1. I'm working. All weekend. Both days. FML.

  2. Hey there!

    Long time...I've been SO busy - but wow, nice pampering to have a blow dry and a manicure! Lovely. Enjoy.

  3. i read about all those new species too.. isnt that just wild?

  4. After a 10 day vacation, I am back to my garage to tackle the millions of projects that have been put on hold....the first of which is developing and scanning all the pictures I took on my vacation.

  5. Hiya BB. Wow, that frog sounds amazing, I really enjoyed reading about that.

    What band are you seeing? And which comedian? I would like to hear how it was.

    And you are meeting Rox! Wow, that is very cool.

    That was an amazingly info-packed post!

  6. the picture is from just go there, the pic must be in the latest posts.i found the post:)here it is:

    hope it helps:)
    have a lovely weekend:)

  7. Sounds like an awesome way to spend an evening. Have you seen any of the Nando Comedy shows at the Baxter? Went on Wed - awesome - havent caught a laugh like that in ages!

    This weekend...hmm, movies, dinner, mtn science centre, ostrich farm, lazy lunches with mates! (i have 3 kids hence the kid friendly activities!)

  8. oh, and what band will you see?:)

  9. I went to an "International Candy" party yesterday (my poor tummy!) and today I'm doing brunch and iPhone tutorial with a girlfriend.

  10. well... your friday sounded interesting.

    I have been partying since wednesday dropping into normalcy every once in a while. So I suppose those were my plans?

    Hope yours was fab!


  11. FANGED FROG!?!?? holy farking moly!

    love those shoes!

    i made a list of all things i need to get done this weekend, and it was 41 items long. i think i've knocked off 20. sigh. oh well.

  12. I went on a road trip this weekend! To Richardsbay!! And I loved it. Met the most interesting ppl and had awesome weather (okay shitty weather as well but that's fine).

    What were you up to? Hope you enjoyed it!


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