10 Things I learnt while on my mini break

1. I'm not a "comfort eater" - when Im a bit down or stressed I tend to lose my appetite and eat almost nothing.
2. Cool guys don't look at explosions (Thanks Will Farrell and friends for pointing it out in THIS funny song)
3. I can be bribed with a home cooked meal
4. I have a love/hate relationship with strapless tops
5. Sipping champagne on a weekday afternoon is blissful
6. Not talking to or seeing The Boyf for a week was challenging, but it made me appreciate him even more :)
7. I probably need to listen more and talk less at times
8. Sometimes a long car ride alone with a favourite CD is all you need to get back on track.
9. There is more than one way to put on socks
10. Taking a break from the computer for a while does wonders for the mind.


  1. Number 10, so true!

    Welcome back BB...hope the break was good!

  2. like that list...especially number #5!
    if i had it my way it Champagne Thursday would be a rule...

  3. No.3 I will go to the moon for a home cooked meal!

    Love the list :)

  4. you're so lucky...i am a total comfort eater...food makes things better!
    home cooked lasagne is the best. the things I would do for some of that.
    hope you had a great holiday!

  5. Very good list!!

  6. Definitely with you on number 10. I was away for four days this weekend, didn't give two hoots about the computer, vowed when I returned not to get sucked back into the detrimental type of bloggyland stuff, aaaaaaaaand here I am doing it anyway. Self-restraint and time management? Fail.

    Regroup time.

  7. i love ALL of them - especially number 8!!! so so true ;)

  8. i haven't taken a break for a computer in some time, this is a good reminder that breaks aren't always bad!

  9. You are lucky you are not a comfort eater. It is not a healthy thing!

  10. I totally do number one too! All my friends think I'm wierd becasue when I'm sad I don't eat

  11. Hmmm, tell me more about his alternate sock method you speak of.

  12. I would love to have some champagne in the middle of the afternoon! :) Sounds like you had fun!

  13. I love no.2 Will Farrell is a genius!

  14. Don't tell me you only just learnt the sock trick now?


  15. I'm with you on #1...I just wish my life was more stressful so I could get some benefit out of it!

  16. I am a comfort eater depends on what I'm comforting. Otherwise I starve.

    I am way too easily bribed with home cooked meals. Especially the truly South African kind.

    I can relate to #4

    #9 - ?!

    Glad you enjoyed it sweetie!

  17. welcome back! I think it's good to get away sometimes, but I did miss reading about your adventures!

  18. Music makes a lot of things better. :)

    Great list lady!


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