Health mission, more vampires and kindles

I think its high time I went on a health mission (yup, again). I think I need to seriously start watching what I eat more. I also really want to exercise alot more (all easier said than done, huh). I think my first course of action will be to cut out all the bad takeaway food, stop snacking at my desk and try do some form of exercise for at least 20 minutes a day.

As some of you may have gathered, I'm a huge fan of vampire films and TV series. So, its not really very surprising that when i heard about "The Vampire Diaries", I just had to watch it. Just like True Blood and the Twilight saga this show is based on a series of novels, set in a small town and is about a human chick who loves a dreamy vampire - but that's pretty much where the similarities end. The more I watch this TV series, the more I am enjoying it :)

In other random news: The Kindle has now been made available to South Africans on Amazon. I'm still unsure if I want to buy one. Click HERE to read my past thoughts on the Kindle.
Ps - Im well aware the main picture has nothing to do with the post. I just thought it was cute.


  1. I need to lose some serious weight too. maybe 5kg??? Hell I'd be happy with losing just 1kg. Thinking maybe I should take up swimming again.

  2. Have you read the books of either Vampire Diaries or True Blood? I thoroughly enjoyed the Twilight series and am looking for a new saga to begin! (And also can't wait for New Moon to open)

    Personally I don't think I would get a Kindle. I love books too much. I think it would probably be the same as my iPod - all my music is digital now and as much as it's cheaper and way more convenient, I really miss buying a new CD and paging through the cover boolet while listening to it.

  3. i'm the same all the way... definitely am getting on the healthy lifestyle bus TODAY {i hope i can keep my promise to myself!}. good luck to both of us! ;)

    and the vampire diaries are so very good {although, i get nervous that damon is going to turn everyone into a vampire...}.

  4. I want to be healthy too, I am too lazy to cook in the evenings cos I get home so late so I just eat crap. It really can't be good.

  5. Vampire Diaries ftw.

    Actually, I've only watched the first episode so far but it seems campy enough for me to enjoy the mindlessness.

    Funnily enough, not too keen on True Blood or the original books...can't figure out why.

    Kindle - Hmm. I think I'd rather get the Barnes and Noble Nook instead purely for the PDF functionality.

  6. Hey Brazen!
    Well you know I'm all about the Twilight!
    And I've been working out three times a week religiously for a couple of months - feels so good! Haven't lost one kg or cm, but that's fine, everything's just a bit firmer!
    I think I fixed the pictures on my post if you want to see the cuteness... x

  7. Don't know about SA, but here in the US a new reader was just announced - the Nook!

    The only thing holding me back from the Kindle, aside from the aesthetics, is that it doesn't seem to support multiple ebook formats like a few other market alternatives.

  8. i totally need to start cutting out junk food. i'm back at gym so at least half way there.
    that picture is super cute.

  9. GASP are you also a fan of vamp tales? me too! from the time of buff - the series. i think angel hooked me, lone and sinker! ;p

  10. i am trying to eat right and exercise more, too. it is a struggle! but i am trying!

    and another vampire series might just be what i need! :)

  11. Yep, the diet is calling...
    But back to vampires, you should read Lost Souls by Poppy Z Brite, it's brilliant!

  12. i'm tempted to go for a kindle, but I worry about the availability of ebooks for it, I think the alternatives are better at the moment. Plus it's just a matter of time before the next IPod can handle e-books anyway (or I can hope!)

    Good luck with the health mission!

  13. Can't speak much to the whole Vampire thing.....not a big fan. But I will weigh in on the Kindle. Want one, but too expensive and to limited on it's expandability. Barnes & Noble (bookseller here in the US) just came out with the "Nook" which seems to be a better version of the Kindle. Sony has their E-Reader, which I like a bit better than the Kindle. But the market here is still evolving. I am going to wait a while and see who comes out on top.


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