Its for you...

Today I have so much to do, so I thought I'd just quickly do an "its for you" post and then later I can read some cool answers :)

How it works: I will answer the below random questions - then you answer the questions as a comment. Why? 'cause sharing is caring *winks*:
1. Today I feel...happy
2. Last night....I had pizza, watched some of the Matrix and fell asleep on the couch for a while.
3. Song of the week..."Satellite Heart" by Anya Marina
4. Currently I want... to spend some time outside, a royal blue dress, black wedge heels, to stop procrastinating, new Dermalogica moisturiser and the New Moon soundtrack
5. Favourite ice-cream flavour/s? I love mint, cake batter flavour from Coldstone (yum) and cookie dough.
6. Do you believe there are aliens out there? Yes. I think it would be rather disappointing if we were the only planet in the whole universe with life on it ;)


  1. Today I feel... a little unmotivated due to there being so much work on my plate. I'm in denial!!

    Last night... I did a V-Box class at the gym, made myself some pesto chicken wraps and had a long, hot bath.

    My song of the week is definitely Raindrops by Basement Jaxx!

    Currently I want... to work on getting more toned and tanned. Frivolous yes! I also want to get stuck into my writing course but work is taking over my life...

    My favourite ice-cream flavour will always be chocolate. However, I don't eat ice-cream much. Maybe I'll indulge more this Summer. When it eventually comes...

    Aliens? I used to have a genuine fear of aliens and UFO's when I was around the age of 10. I used to fear being abducted and experimented on before being put back in my bed before I woke up. I had a real fear. I even cried a few times. Ha ha! But no, I don't believe in aliens like they are portrayed in the media. But perhaps there might be other life out there - how can we be the only ones here? What the hell are we even doing here? Oh dear, this could turn into a discussion on human existence. That's too big for one blog!!

    Have a great week, Brazen xxx

  2. 1. Today I feel... Like a tired but satisfied Princess. The dinner went off with out a hitch, everyone had a fabulous time & I got utterly spoiled rotten.

    2. Last night....I set up my two new desks in my studio, hung the fairy lights (from the dinner party) around the curtain rail’s in the studio and lounge, ate Gazza’s most delicious roast chicken. Sat for a long while in my new creative space and just marveled at how well it all turned out.

    3. Song of the week..."Candy" by Paolo Nutini

    4. Currently I want... a weekend of absolute nothingness.

    5. Favourite ice-cream flavour/s? Belgium Chocolate or the Vanilla Meringue & Blueberry Häaden-Dazs

    6. Do you believe there are aliens out there? Hells Yeah!!!

  3. 1. Today I feel...Positive!
    2. Last night....I watched the final of make me a supermodel US! Yay for the winner!!
    3. Song of the week...Del Shannon -Runaway
    4. Currently I want... all my stress to dissapear and to be sitting in a fab flat in cape town..
    5. Favourite ice-cream flavour/s? Dulce de leche from hagendaaz or choc and mint from the gelato place near to us
    6. Do you believe there are aliens out there? Jip of course!

  4. 1. Today I feel... Tired, but reasonably content.
    2. Last night... I helped TSC study. I hope it helped him, coz it would be a pity to spend a night on that nonsense subject for nothing.
    3. Song of the week... Anything by Norah Jones.
    4. Currently I want... to go away somewhere quiet with a warm swimming pool. Also, a white Magnum icecream.
    5. Favourite ice-cream flavour/s? Vanilla or the double toffee by Gino Ginelli.
    6. Do you believe there are aliens out there? Yes. You just have to meet some of my clients to agree!

  5. Last night I watched Season 4 of Heroes.
    I want ... the sun to shine.
    Not really a huge ice-cream fan.
    Don't believe in aliens.
    Favourite song for the week? That's difficult. It changes every hour/day. Yesterday I was in love with Alanis' "So Pure".

  6. lol.... i am going to post ur post on my blog and then ill quote ya... cuz now im on the next comment page and i forogot what the freakin questions were!!!

  7. Love these!

    1. Today I feel...surprisingly alert and happy

    2. Last night....I ate yummy chicken and baked ziti, started the 4th Twilight book and slept! :-)

    3. Song of the week...still thinking...

    4. Currently I want... to feel secure in knowing what I want in life career wise

    5. Favourite ice-cream flavour/s? mint choc chip

    6. Do you believe there are aliens out there? not the scary kind on t.v but hopefully life somewhere else! lol

  8. 1. Today I feel...Hmmmm, I feel awesome actually!!!!
    2. Last night....I cooked one hellva awesome roast chicken thingy ma bob!! Yummy!!
    3. Song of the week...New Slang – The Shins
    4. Currently I want... to have a month of Sundays!!!
    5. Favourite ice-cream flavour/s? Hagen Das – Raspberry Meringue, Delish!!!
    6. Do you believe there are aliens out there? I do believe that there is something out there far out of our telescopes reach, either aliens or someplace exactly like earth with humans exactly like us asking the same questions, hmmm, now that blows my mind!!! Whooooaaaa!!!

  9. 1. Today I feel...good, work's almost over and can go home and watch sex and the city
    2. last night...i had an amazing supper cooked by my roomie.
    3. song of the week. the beatles i wanna hold your hand
    4. currently i want...more moolah, gladiator sandals, a job at a magazine and smaller thighs
    5. favourite ice cream flavour...i love strawberry
    6. do you believe there are aliens out there...yes, i work with some of them. or at least it feels like I do.

  10. 1. Today I feel...detached. My boyfriend is working out of town. Miss him.
    2. Last night....I spent a fortune at the dollar store. How does that happen?
    3. Song of the week...Ray Wiley Hubbard "Conversations With The Devil". Sounds scary, its not.
    4. Currently I want... some Kings Hawaiian sweet bread, my bed, & a pair of gray jeggings.
    5. Favourite ice-cream flavour/s? butter pecan. always will be.
    6. Do you believe there are aliens out there? hopefully if there are they all look like Hayden Christensen.

  11. This is a great way to get inspired. Or not, as the case may be. So here goes.

    Today I feel relieved, a big weight has been lifted financially.

    Last night I watched my son's first game of the season. He got a shut out. (That's hockey and he is a goalie)

    Song of the week - hate to admit it but the Oprah video got me hooked on Black Eyed Peas "I Gotta Feelin'"

    Currently I want the sun to shine for Thanksgiving (It's this weekend in Canada) and a new pair of black boots.

    Favourite ice cream flavour - anything mocha like Ben & Jerry's Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz

    Do I beleive there are aliens out there? There had better be 'cause otherwise we're all stuck with each another

    Mind if I borrow this idea sometime?

  12. . Today I feel...spaced out
    2. Last night....drank way too much coffee but slept just fine
    3. Song of the song
    4. Currently I to keep my feet dry and a really warm winter coat.
    5. Favourite ice-cream flavour/s? mint chocolate, any kind of chocolate...
    6. Do you believe there are aliens out there? I would say, mebbe, mebbe not. Until I meet one I won't comment either way.

  13. hmm i love this.
    today i feel... a little sad and missing my guy.
    last night...i made spagghetti and ate peach ice cream.
    song of the week...oh boy by duffy
    currently i want...a plane ticket to nyc, cowboy boots, long hair, a new black dress.
    favourite ice cream flavors...brownie batter
    do you believe aliens are out there...absolutely.

  14. 1. Today I feel... like I ate to much sugar.
    2. Last night.... I watched four hours of tv... I know it's embarrassing..
    3. Song of the week... Don't misunderstand me by Bahia Pierce.
    4. Currently I want... my children to be happy, an office-room that reflects who i am, finding something to do that will bring me joy.
    5. Favourite ice-cream flavour/s? Rolo.
    6. Do you believe there are aliens out there? Yes.

  15. 1. Today I feel...tied but content
    2. Last night....I was grumpy to my mother and Pokey and stressed about work
    3. Song of the week..."Private Dancer" by Tina Turner
    4. Currently I go to bed without washing my face, and I just went shopping so I don't want much beyond world peace
    5. Favourite ice-cream flavour/s? Vanilla (so you can spice it up however you like)
    6. Do you believe there are aliens out there? Yes, please. I agree that it would be a bum deal if it was just us hanging out here.

  16. 1. Today I feel...happy happy happy
    2. Last night....I watched Pelham 123 and fell asleep next to him!
    3. Song of the week...Secret Garden - Bruce Springsteen
    4. Currently I want... to sleep, a new job, to loose these freaking 4kgs, Issey Miyakes new fragrance called A Scent
    5. Favourite ice-cream flavour/s? Vanilla
    6. Do you believe there are aliens out there? I think so!

  17. 1. Today I feel...really good. :)
    2. Last night...I also had pizza!! And read my book in the bath.
    3. Song of the week..."Resistance" by Muse
    4. Currently I holiday to come up! New sandals. :)
    5. Favourite ice-cream flavour/s? Woolies has a delicious nutty/chocolate one that I can't remember the name of. Oh yum. Otherwise annything from Baglios.
    6. Do you believe there are aliens out there? I'd like to yes. ;)

  18. Yesterday I felt...moody, bored and anxious...Today I feel like a peppadews.

    Last night...i also had pizza, and watched the time travellers wife (yes, i did a chick flick!)

    Song of the week...Uprising, Muse

    Currently I want...a bush office and a new guitar!

    Favourite I scream...calipo!

    Yes...i believe in life else where, whether they're prawns, who knows?

  19. Today I feel... confused. Boys/men/males in general = confusion.

    Last night... I went for coffee with potential boyfriend material, and got home just before midnight!

    My song of the week... Uninvited - Alanis Morissette

    Currently I want... to figure out what I want in terms of romantic relationships and finish my research report.

    My favourite ice-cream flavour: cookies 'n cream = happiness in a bowl. :)

    Do you believe there are aliens out there? After the number of X-File episodes that I've watched, I have become convinced that there is life on other planets. How else could the show have continued for 11 seasons?!?

  20. today I feel...horrible,my man didn't get the new job he really really wanted, and needed!!!
    Last night... I processed 78 photos, why oh why do I keep pushing that shutter button?
    Song of the week... Buttercup by Freshly Ground, bit of an oldie i know, but still SO cool.
    Currently I man to find that dream job, a lilac VW Beetle Cabriolet, a bedroom makeover. My whole family to come to Durbs for Christmas.
    Favourite ice-cream flavours... coffee, fudge, mint, I'm total ice-cream fan, just bring them all on!
    Aliens?... I hope so, here has to be something more intelligent than us.

  21. 1. Today I feel...tired....& hungry
    2. Last night....B and I had a yummy dinner
    3. Song of the week...I can't think of one
    4. Currently I want... To be home, take a nice long walk, work out, and have some really good coffee
    5. Favourite ice-cream flavour/s? butter pecan
    6. Do you believe there are aliens out there? Yes.

  22. 1. Today I feel tired
    2. Last night i stayed up to long
    3. Song of the week : bryan adams- straight from the heart
    4. Currently I want to order a lot of clothes online
    5. Favourite ice-cream flavour/s? chocolate!
    6. Do you believe there are aliens out there? well, ehhhh...probably!

  23. I love mint ice cream!!! :)
    BTW it's Reeder, from the old blog Reeder's corner. I've made a new blog so be sure to check it out!

  24. 1. Today I feel...restless
    2. Last night.... I fall asleep at seven o'clock (weird)
    3. Song of the week... "You Send Me" by Otis Redding
    4. Currently I want... to finish my portfolios
    5. Favourite ice-cream flavour/s? Chocolate and Vanilla flavoured Cow Ice Cream. (I don't know the name)
    6. Do you believe there are aliens out there? um. well. I've been disappointed with magic lately. But I hope so.


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