Pale vs fake tan

I must admit I have always been a fan of pale skin. So, over the last few years, I have worked rather hard at avoiding sun, practicing safe sun care and getting my skin to an almost vampire-like shade of white.....But lately I am feeling like I would like to try embrace a more tanned look this summer.

For the past 2 weeks I have been in thinking what to do...on the one hand I like how striking pale skin can look and don't like the harsh affects of the sun BUT on the other hand a tan can look healthy and there are good fake tan options nowdays....

After much contemplation I have decided to try out a spray tan next month or in Dec (out of curiosity). I will be getting a Caribbean spray tan, which apparently comes in 3 shades (obviously i will be going for the lightest shade).
I am a bit nervous of a fake tan, as I fear I may turn orange, but at least I know a spray tan will not damage my skin and is temporary. I will be sure to let y'all know how it goes :)

Have you had a spray tan before?
Do you fake tan or sun tan?


  1. I love tan and pale but i would avoid the carribean spray tan and get aviva if you can. The carribean is kond of sticky when sprayed on and doesnt last as long. But any spray tan is actually so worth it! First thing i am going to do is get my sister to spray tan me when i get back to SA! :)

  2. Personally, I've always wanted tan skin. One of the perks of growing up Vampira white in Florida. Now, my best friend on the other hand, who has that perfect olive complexion, says she wishes she had my skin tone. If we could only switch for a while! :)

    I keep meaning to try a spray tan so good luck and please say whether you thought it was worth it or not if you go through with it.

  3. Can't help you out here. I spend five min in the sun and go 3 shades darker.

  4. i'm def for the tan look! just because i look better! so of course, i feel better!
    in the UK the swear by St Tropez tan spray. i want to try it but like you i'm scared to get orange!
    let us know...

  5. Never had a spray, but do try to apply Clarins self-tan gel when I start to feel too pale...It's just the constant maintenance that gets to me!!

  6. I am a new Tan Can convert - 6.5 minutes twice a week and you get a full body tan that lasts as long as a regular tan.

    Only thing is that you have to be careful about going in too long... otherwise you end up a bit pink.

    Overall, it's really cheap (R15 for a 6.5 min session), easy, long-lasting and safe if you put sunscreen on face and sensitive bits. :-)

  7. I'm a fan of the pale, but that's probably because I have naturally olive undertones in my skin and can't ever really be pale myself.

    Oh well, at least olive undertones means I won't age as quickly as my paler counterparts who are roasting themselves in the sun for ages trying to get a tan.

  8. I've never tried any fake tanning and definitely think that sun tanning is the safest option, as far as getting the right colour goes, that is. But yes, considering the health risks nowadays, it's probably best to stay away from the sun. I don't intend to though. I want to be sun kissed this Summer. If I ever find the time to get into a bikini and out in the rays... I'm far too pale right now!!

  9. I've got a permanent tan so I'm fairly happy most of the time.

    But I hope the spray tan doesn't go orange...

  10. Piz Buin has a product that gradually build up a tan as you rub it on your skin so you decide when enough is enough. I used it for a while and actually liked it.

    Now I can't be bothered. I'm pale and I'm going to stay that way probably. LOL Except if I get some sun while doing something fab. Then I won't mind a tan.

    Let us know how it goes yeah?

  11. I like the tan for myself thank you. I look like I'm the milkman's child or something. And it doesn't suit me. When I'm tanned I look awesome. When I pale I look almost see through. Not cool.

    I'd go for the sunbed or the actual sun though. There are a lot of ways to protect your skin against the UV.

    Let us know how it went sweetie. I don't believe in spray tan. Don't know why though.

  12. I thing my naturally tanned complexion is perfect ;) But I go to great lengths to protect it in the sun- not because I don't want to go darker but because its so damaging. It freaks me out at how people over-tan at the beach. While I'm putting my sunscreen on every two minutes (SPF bloody high) and checking that my umbrellas fixed. Theres always people who came at the same time that I did, and who were lighter than me but left looking like she could be related to me. Hehe. Whatever you choose, do it safely. No point having a 'healthy looking' tan if it kills you! So definitely go the fake tan route :)

  13. I think in summer it's great to have a glow - in winter I like the pale look and think it works, especially with darker hair.

  14. ive always been so nervous to get one until my old roomate worked at a tanning salon and actually did the spray tans. she gave me a bunch of hints about what to look for when you're getting one {if you're interested let me know and ill get more info for u} but whenever she got one it looked so natural! good luck!

  15. there was an old londoner who once told me that my skin looks like i've been on holiday cos its quite brown. i burst out laughing and told him it is my complexion. the poor oke blushed 20 shades of red! lol...

    i much prefer the pale look but i admire that you are stepping out of your comfort zone. :)

  16. I'm really pale, but I'm thinking I may have to get a fake tan for my brothers wedding because I have to wear baby blue! :P

  17. It seems that tanning is sort of akin to smoking these days. It just isn't healthy. The worst thing I can imagaine is a caucasian woman trying to look Jamacian. A little color is understandable, but lets not all be chameleons.

  18. I havent used any sort of sprays but once did go the sun bed route but I was too impatient so stopped half way thro!

    I think its actually going to be just trial and error with products hey!

    Good luck :)


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