10 things I learnt this weekend

1. There is never a bad time for champagne
2. I eat alot of toast the weekend before payday
3. I don't like posing for pictures - it always feels forced
4. Revlon has cute eyebrow grooming kits (i got one)
5. When i fall inlove with a pair of totally impractical, yet gorgeous heels (the kind that can't walk in and I might only wear once or twice) I just have to buy them *winks*
6. The Vampire Diaries TV show is getting very interesting
7. Wearing sunblock is not optional during the day, its essential
8. I'm really bad at wrapping presents. I should stick to gift bags.
9. People who kiss me hello (or goodbye) on both cheeks always seem to take me by surprise - then i look awkward. *laughs*
10. There is no point worrying about things you can't control
What did you learn this weekend?


  1. hahaha i wish they would ban kissing as a form of saying hi to people! In SA its usually one cheek with a hug then when i lived in costa rica it was also one cheek but no hug and now in malta its 2 cheeks... Ugh i always end up like kissing someones nose or mouth or just feeling like an idiot! i would rahter either hug or shake hands with people!! hehe

  2. I learnt that it would cost me R600 to fix my phone. I learnt that I like the curvature of my ass. My ass isn't JLO bootilicious. It's tiny but looks like I've worked out a bit. I also learnt that I need to apply more moisturiser during summer.

  3. On point 10, an email I sent to someone who had this problem - Reality is reality…you can’t change it if you just decide to live with it!

  4. the kissing thing makes no sense to me. Have they ever heard of Personal Space?!

  5. I learnt that taking a nap for too long can really ruin your day.

    I learnt that coconut is giving me heartburn right now.

    I learnt that you can do what you want in your waking hours, but you cannot control what you dream.

  6. i am totally with you on the kissing thing. i also look bad when they are going in for the other cheek and i'm moving away.
    i cannot wrap presents either. i made a habit of buying stuff at places that offer gift wrapping.

  7. yeah the kissing thing is akward!
    i learnt that horses are bigger than they eem ( i rode one in the first time since forever ) and that sparklers are still fun and so are blowing bubbles!

  8. As a French, I have to join you on the kiss... In France sometimes it's 2 cheeks and sometimes 4 and you never know who does what! Then I studied in Germany where kisses are banned so I looked ridiculous at trying to kiss people... Now I am in the UK and it's more like a hug I guess (maybe depends on people too..I am meeting people from so many countries). Finally, I end up just waving with my hand from far away which is even more ridiculous. I am kiss-confused....

  9. love it ! thanks so much. Have a great week

  10. Love what you've learned!
    I'm in total agreement with you on the kissing/greeting thing!
    I've learned that a simple smile can turn an entire day upside down :)

    Merry Monday xxx

  11. I love that, I definitely worry too much so I loved that last one. And I am horrible at wrapping gifts too - they always come out lopsided or crunched on one side! haha!

  12. I learnt how a good nights sleep really can make it all seem so much more manageable!

    I learnt I can buy 31 gifts with R1800 in an hour with a screaming toddler.

    I learnt my daughter is a hoarder - at all of 5 she has more crap than I have ever had in my 31 years.

    I learnt I love my boyfriend very much!

  13. The kissing thing really confuses me when you don't know what to expect. Its like when you meet someone and then say goodbye but you don't know whether you should hug them or not and you end up doing that little dance...

    I hae wrapping gits, I went to a chinese market and bought a huge pile of gift bags and i use those instead. Makes life SO much easier!

  14. I love Vampire Diaries too! At first I thought it'd be corny & stupid but it's not.

  15. you are SO right about champagne. never a bad time. i'll have to check out this eyebrow grooming kit you speak of...

  16. I am exactly the same way with all the kissing, I feel so nervous wondering if people are going o do one cheek or two or neither... the pressure!

  17. Oh I can't wrap a present to save my life. Thankfully there are gorgeous gift bags in dollar stores...hehe.

  18. It sounds like a very informative weekend! I def agree with the sunblock statement! :)

  19. I totally agree! (except for the Revlon eyebrow kit...haven't tried it).
    Bought a pair of those shoes a few weeks ago. Have only worn them once and they nearly killed me...but they are so gorgeous!
    Also, I have learnt that worrying is for those who want to age quickly and die young. No matter what happens, worrying doesn't cure anything.
    Keep passing on those words of wisdom.

  20. So with you on the kissing thing. I always seem to miss the cue and get kissed in the ear. Gross!

    I love wrapping presents. I do it for the whole family at Christmas (except the prezzies for me, obviously) ;-)

  21. Love your list!

    Trying dating a Frenchie - I always forget the two cheek things. However, I far prefer kissing on the cheeks than lips - I find it so weird when people lunge in to kiss me on the lips to greet me!

  22. i must start watching that vampire show!

    and i hope you have a super thanksgiving. :)

  23. * I'm really bad at wrapping presents. I should stick to gift bags*

    also me

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  26. Clicked randomly on this post from you LinkWithin and laughed at point number nine!

  27. So I stumbled across this post and it seems as though it was on the perfect day! Been stressing about a mistake I made at work and have a meeting with a client about it on Monday...10.) There is no point worrying about things you can't control.

    SO TRUE!


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