10 things I learnt this weekend

1. I love costumes - Can't wait for next fancy dress party
2. Trying to find good vampire teeth is hard, but trying to make them is even harder
3. I can actually run on a treadmill without falling off
4. Cold-pressed coconut oil is awesome
5. The New Moon soundtrack is pretty cool
6. I have the best boyfriend in the world ;)
7. Trying on clothes when you have PMS is always a bad idea
8. Sometimes a great kiss can cure hiccups
9. I still find Looney Tunes cartoons so funny
10. Its never too late to change direction or your attitude

What did you learn this weekend?

PS- Halloween costume photos will be up tomorrow!


  1. I learnt that one day of rest can do worlds of good. and I mean doing NOTHING at all.

  2. I have yet to master running on a treadmill. so kudos!
    I learnt that champagne is a great confidence booster!
    Totally agree with you on the new direction and attitude thing.

  3. "Sometimes a great kiss can cure hiccups"

    Now I have never heard of that cure before!

    I learnt that just bacuase you knew someone a decade ago doesn't mean you can trust them now. Also, starting the new month without last month's salary in your account is an incredible scary feeling.

  4. BB I never heard of that cure for hiccups, nice one!

  5. Can't wait for the photos!

  6. Number 10! Totally!

    Hope you had a good weekend Brazone!

  7. Dont drink 2 bottels of red wine by yourself because there will be consequences :P
    I quite like the new moon soundtrack! :)

  8. Learnt that life is fragile. No.7 is so true

  9. im going to have to try out that hiccup cure for sure!

    I learned that when you get married you become permanent designated driver for your husband :( men are so irresponsible.

  10. Such sweet things you have learned! =)
    I love the cure of hiccups, too. Gotta try it!

  11. i love the twilight soundtrack! and i can't wait to see new moon! woo hoo!!!

    and trying on clothes when pmsing, or when on the period is a BAD idea. ugh! been there, done that!

  12. yup, NEVER try on clothes when pms-ing. ugh, thanks for the reminder.

  13. PMS is definitely a bad time to try on anything. Good call.

    I learned that there is such a thing as too much candy.

  14. pms is just a bad idea in general. i was a complete mess last night!!

    i learnt that one should always keep track of one's cowboy hat. it's such an important part of a cowgirl costume, and i forgot to bring it to the halloween party!

  15. what a great list!! thanks doll!

  16. I learned that it really is possible for me to like someone enough to not only get up early after only three hours sleep on my day off just for breakfast, but to get up early enough to have a shower so as not to put anybody off their food at that.


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