Monday, 16 November 2009

10 things I learnt this weekend

1. ghd's are better than other flat irons (I'm now a believer)

2. Sequins make me feel oh so glam and sparkly
3. A positive attitude brings positive things to you
4. The Boyf still makes the best lamb stew ever
5. I won't be a touch typist anytime soon.
6. Edgars has "I kissed a vampire and I liked it" bags. lol.
7. Flashforward is a really awesome TV series - I'm hooked
8. An afternoon nap can save the day
9. Last minute gift shopping is never a good idea
10. It truly is the little things that count the most.

What did you learn this weekend?

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  1. I also did a things I learnt this weekend post today. Gave you credit, of course.

    And yes, ghd's are tops.

  2. Lol i bought my sister and my mom pink ghd's before i left SA but i still dont have one!
    Lol @the edgars bags. hehe cant wait to see!

    I learnt that its better to go home early on a saturday night because its always better to wake up feeling great on a sunday morning!

  3. Sell me on the ghd? I have a clicks cheapie but am thinking it dries our hair out a wee bit.... but i only use it once a week or so.

    An afternoon nap IS HEAVEN!!

  4. I absolutely agree with a vast chunk of these!
    Have a great week! :)


  5. Learnt this weekend? Hmmm that I really enjoy that feeling you get when you crush on a boy. Wish crushing happened more often in my life.

  6. Love our blog =)
    i'm a young blogger myself, wish i could get this many views and comments.. still trying though =)
    I love lists too =D
    oh and ghd's forever ;)

  7. GHDs are THE best EVER!!! mine broke few months ago and i couldn't offer another one. i still cry everytime i use the replacement one!

    btw...i received my necklace!!! it's really pretty! i'll take a picture and will post it! thx again!

  8. all of those are perfect. i sat here and nodded my head with each:) this weekend i learnt that you can pick up with true best friend wherever you left off. no matter how long its been since youve seen them.

  9. You are right!! Last minute shopping is NEVER a good idea... You end up spending way too much ~~

    xo Laura

  10. this weekend i learned that a lazy weekend can be salvaged by staying up late sunday night finishing one's french lit novel that needed to be finished about two weeks ago....

  11. Afternoon naps are the best!

  12. I love flashforward too. I'm so hooked too!!

  13. i learnt that its always so safe being at home

  14. am totally with you on the ghd. not sure what I would do without mine!
    loving the mouth bracelet in that picture.

  15. An afternoon nap can really save the day for sure. I wish I could take a mid-morning nap right now.

  16. i heart Sequins!
    lol at the bag, i want one ^^

  17. I learned that being in a room full of creative super geniuses of the world can be humbling, inspiring, entertaining and refreshing.

    They morph and invert, and shift, and flow from Alien light bulbs, into absent minded Professors, and back to sweet and simple folk. And they are through out, always grateful, generous, gifted and have no fear to defy gravity.

    A good reminder to be open, available, and ambitious enough to receive spontaneous healing.

  18. 1.) I need a new dog. I was at my parents', and they were baby-sitting my brother's girlfriend's dog, and it melts my heart.

    2.) Family movies on the 8mm camera with no sound are priceless. And way more fun to watch off a big reel on white wall in the living room, with your immediate family there to bond.

    3.) You must absolutely get out of the house at least once a day and walk. Fitness aside, it's a definite mood-booster.

    4.) Putting up Christmas lights makes me happy, even if I won't turn them on for a few more weeks. :)

  19. I learned my boyfriend was right to recommend I get winter tires.

  20. GHD's could possibly be God's gift to women. =D
    Positivity DOES breed positivity!!
    I type WAY too fast.
    Edgars has WHAT bags?! =D
    I love love love naps!
    Last minute gift shopping is a TOTAL bad idea.
    The little things are what make it worthwhile... =D

    I learned a lot this weekend... Mmmmmmm =D Take Care

  21. Welcome to the wonderful world of the GHD! Your life will be changed forever! It is one of the best things that I have EVER had... Cat naps are terrific ;-)


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