10 things I learnt this weekend

1. I adore ghd curls and Benefit makeup (Jennifer - thanks so much for the invite to the ghd Style lounge)
2. My sisters are just so different from me and it annoys me at times- in fact, sometimes I wonder if we are related at all. *grins*
3. I love eyelash extensions - i want some
4. I am way too undisciplined with gym - I may need to get personal trainer or a really enthusiastic gym buddy
5. Being involved in a minor fender bender with people you know can lead to a fit of hysterical laughter.
6. The Boyf has mad bowling skills (His team won the bowling for Movember competition on Sun - I was so proud)
7. Occasionally two straight, adult males may feel the need to have a "dance-off" in public (anyone got that video?).8. Beluga Restaurant has great half price sushi (just FYI).
9. Sometimes a chocolate brownie can save the day.
10. We are all as happy as we choose to be.

What did you learn this weekend?


  1. Choc brownie, mmmm. *Looks off into the distance* Things I learnt this weekend? Hmmm, that men will stare and cheer for me when I walk around in a shorts. I learnt that we lost the rugby to Ireland. I learnt that I still love Brett Easton Ellis.

  2. "We are all as happy as we choose to be." - INDEED :)
    Big cheer for the choc brownie too!
    I've had a busy weekend...I suppose I've learned that nothing exceeds like excess! ;)

  3. Did I mention I employed the services of a trainer? Hmmm, even the most highly motivated of us can occasionally need some external motivation...just do it...even if its for a month.

    am hoping you got a clip of that dance-off? ;-)

  4. Mmmm sushi! thanks for the tip! oh and i think browines and happiness are basically synonyms.. =)

  5. I learnt that it rains a lot in Dublin - but that doesnt put a dampener on the night out, the rugby however might

  6. Don't sweat the small stuff - that's what I learnt.

  7. Yes indeed we are as happy as we choose to be!
    I love brownies!

  8. Please explain to me how to make the curls using the straightner...i just cannot get it right!

  9. Ohhh GHD curls and benefit makeup sounds gorgeous!! :) I also want eyelash extensions but they are so expensive and difficult to maintain, i rather just go with falsies! lol

  10. a dance-off?
    lol you should have filmed it ;)

  11. holy cow! you werent filtered today on my work computer!

    WOO HOO!

  12. I think anything chocolate makes the day better. LOL

    I can relate on the sister not being related as well.

    Happy Monday.

  13. How about a virtual gym buddy?! I can bake cupcakes for when we're good!

  14. Hmmm, more sushi tips, thank you!

  15. Totally agree with the gym...that is SO me.

    And Yes the brownie can make your day, mine too!!!!!!

  16. Eyelash extensions??! REALLY?????????????????

  17. there's a dance-off video? I must see this... please find it!

    I battle with GHD-curls too, but I have way too much hair for curls unless it's something 80s themed anyway.


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