Friday fluff

Today I have nice ghd'ed hair, its Friday, I have a cookie on desk, I'm loved, I found my missing make-up bag and its a beautiful day in Cape Town... what more could a girl ask for? ;)

One of my fav stores, Wellness Warehouse, is about to open a mini-store in the new Cape Quarter shopping centre in Green Point. If you live around there, you should check it out.

Here are a few of the things I recently added to my Wish List: Paramores new CD "Brand New Eyes", a bottle of Hilary Duff's perfume "With Love", this bra (if only we had Victorias secret here in SA) and a chunky cocktail ring.

The Boyf is currently growing a moustache for "Mo-vember" (If you dont know what Movember is about click HERE).Even though he can rock a Mo, I'm glad The Boyf will be shaving it off next month. I really like rugged, sexy stubble but anything more just isn't as hot to me. Do you like facial hair on men?

Have a fabulous weekend :)


  1. I love stubble. I ran into the lead singer of Freshlyground yesterday(she hugged me). Anyway she had the cutest white guy with her. And all i wanted to do was run my hand across the stubble on his face.

    Man was the white guy hot!!!

  2. I've warned TSc that if he ever gets it into his head to grow a beard, I will Veet it off in his sleep.

    Does that answer the question ;-)

    Have a fab weekend!

  3. Not a fan of facial hair. I do however love the cups!

  4. My boyfriend looks so sexy with facial hair- I love it! But honestly, I don't like feeling like I'm getting an exfoliation treatment when we kiss. Hmm I guess thats the price to pay!

  5. I ADORE that pic!
    I'm a fan of facial hair as long as it's well groomed and...well...not a forest!
    Personally, I find beards to look at very appealing, but as for beards in terms of kissing, I may have to agree with that exfoliation coment from "Purple Orchid"!
    Merry Friday!


  6. i love facial hair as long as it looks rugged and hot and not overgrown and all over the place :P lol my man has facial hair otherwise he looks like he is in school :P hehehe (dont tell him i said that! lol)

  7. oh lady.. i agree anythign more than sexy stubble has got to go. and those mugs are amazing!

  8. I'm really not a fan of facial hair, but I do find Movember entertaining - more for when they shave it off and all have mo-tans! I mean why put something like that in summer?

  9. Those cups are so freaking cute! And yes, stubble is definitely sexy... a full on beard might be a little much for me though :)

  10. Oh, if only our Friday had been full of ghd hair, found bags and good weather...emphasis on the weather part as the Joburg Friday weather SUCKED. The rest isn't all that applicable to me anyway...

  11. those mugs are freaking fantastic.
    i'm a huge fan of stubble, anymore and it just hurts.


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