Me, today

Today I ...

...adore the heart stockings and heels in the above picture
...wrote an exam -and now my brain feels tired.
....plan to have champagne when i get home ;)
....have a strong craving for pepperoni pizza
...wish money grew on trees
...have pretty purple nails
...wonder why some people are annoyingly persistent
...won't let the grey weather get me down
....realise that I do get out what I put in having a fluffy hair day -its not ideal
...feel happy and rather centered
How you today?


  1. I'm always having a bad hair day. Always. I haven't written an exam in ages. Oooh but I did find my wallet today AND all the money is in it. Soooo relieved. Was not looking forward to replacing my driver's license.

  2. I think you're champagne idea is a brilliant one ;)

    Im feeling relieved. Not the, I-just-went-to-the-bathroom kind of relief, but the oh-great-its-over-and-I-can-relax kind of relief :)

    Happy thursday! x

  3. nice list... i too love those stockings.. i too am now having craving for pizza.. and my hair are always fluffy

  4. Champagne is a very good idea in my books! Well deserved I'm sure!
    Enjoy the rest of your day, miss :)
    Fluffy-hair-day is a constant with moi! I'm using that as SOME form of far-stretching excuse to treat myself to a piece of cake ;)


  5. Am also sporting purple nails

  6. TSc also write an exam today. he said it was really hard. So I'm thinking maybe I should get him some bubbly for tonight too.

  7. I have pink heart stockings. I love wearing them.
    Suddenly I also have a craving for some pizza. damn...and I'm trying to be all healthy.

  8. Today trying to make it better than yesterday

  9. ....feel happy. Glad thats on there Brazen ;)

    Today, a pigeon shat on my boss.

  10. I think you should have some pizza and champers :) hehe now i am craving it as well :P

  11. Aww I love this. I'm feel great! I challenged HTML code... I was scared of coding anything last week before I started my class! Champagne and pepperoni pizza sounds delicious!

  12. ohh ok i love those heart tights, i love purple nail polish, it's rainy here and my hair is super fluffy/frizzy!! have a great day, you:)

  13. Own that fluffy hair, as if you designed with all your best intentions and talents! ;P
    Surrender to the weather and speak:
    "Show me what is in my highest good".

    Be well.

  14. Ooh I love purple nails, you should post a pic, like Boldy Benny :)

  15. maybe you don't know but i'm a strong advocate of Champagne Thursday. very simple concept, on Thursday, champagne!
    i hope you did good at your exams!

  16. those stockings are so adorable!!!
    i wish my hair was a bit fluffier today actually haha. it's reallyyyyyy hot right now, and my hair's gone all flat T_T

  17. i think i crave pepperoni pizza every single minute of my life.


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