New Moon movie thoughts

Last night I went to see New Moon and I was not disappointed at all. The directer, Chris Weitz, did a great job. Thankfully the wolves were not that fake looking and the Volturi were really awesome (I especially liked Micheal Sheen as Aro).

While the storyline was pretty much as I expected/knew it would be, there were a few surprises and funny moments in New Moon (mini-spoiler alert) like:
* Funny: The audience gasping loudly when Taylor (aka Jacob) first took his shirt to reveal his buff chest
* Surprise: How much I liked Taylor Lautner in this film (especially the scene when he visits Bella in her room)
* Funny:
The scene where you first see Edward walking across parking lot to Bella.
* Funny: Charlie and Bella's high school friends
* Surprise: How they chose to end the film - what a cliffhanger

I'm so looking forward to the Eclipse movie in June 2010.

A note: I read and loved the Twilight books over a year ago (before the first movie came out). I don't think the movies would be as good or as easy to enjoy if I hadn't read all the books.

Have you seen the New Moon movie yet?
What did you think ?


  1. Will not be watching this movie babes. It's just not the type of thing that I'm into.

  2. Cant wait will be seeing it in a week! :) xx

  3. What is it about the twilight movies? My mate is reading them, housemate has read them and where I worked recently it was all one of the team members could talk about and had convinced someone to read them. I assume they are romantic vamire girl books? Or am I WAY off the mark?

  4. The daily spew - Yup, they are very romantic books that have vampires and werewolf type dudes in them :) Highly addictive books that are like crack for chicks

  5. I am very nervous about *meeting* Jacob aka Taylor Lautner. I am a Jacob girl and Taylor looks nothing like the Jacob in my head....that being said I am glad you liked gives me hope!

    My man has just got really sick and we sposed to go out with mates to see it tomoro at Cav. Oi, I may have to dose him up and ditch him!!!

  6. The hype just scared me away, won't lie. And I find Kristen Stewart timid. BUT! Glad you enjoyed it Brazen ;)

  7. i absolutely loved the volturi. think they did an excellent job.
    when we watched it the whole cinema also went gaga for jacob's body. but can we blame them?!

  8. i haven't seen it yet - i think i'm saving it as a post-exam treat!

    i'm glad the werewolves don't look that fake...because they for sure did in the trailer.

    that's so funny that everyone gasped at jacob's upper body...well good for him. i'm sure he was working out like a fiend.

  9. I agree that the humor came across alot more in the movies than in the books.
    I thought the books were OK; I can appreciate that if I were 15 when I read the books, my entire locker and bedroom would have been wallpapered with Jacob pictures. (never understood the fascination with Edward)
    Fun ride.

  10. I saw the movie too, haha yeah a bunch of 13 year old girls in the theatre keep on gasping when Taylor is shirtless. like really have they never seen a shirtless guy before?! lol. Yeah I liked the movie too, of course she will say yes, right? if she won't I will say yes! LOL

  11. Hi Brazen!
    This is the 1st time reading your blog... Have thorougly loved it!!! Spent the greater part of tonight lying on my bed going back through your posts!
    I am a Twilight groupie through and through! Seeing New Moon this weekend, I'm so excited it feels like Christmas has come early.
    I saw the trailer and almost died when I saw Jacob!
    Wrap him up to go please!
    Truworths have got gorgeous...if a little bit pricey... Dresses in stunning blues!

    I'll be visiting you every day.... Your blog is awesome!

  12. I pretty much agree with everything you had to say. I was really surprised how much I liked jacob in the movie considering I I didn't think much of him in the books!

  13. Won't say I loved loved it but it was SO much better than the first one.

    I was actually annoyed at liking Jacob more - I was having such a nice time wanting to smack him over the head while reading the books ;)

    The one moment that was just too cheesy for me was the slow-mo walk of Edward's in the parking lot. I burst out laughing while imagining a Dentyne commercial.

    But yeah, quite keen to see how they handle the next one. :)

  14. I saw it last night. It SUCKED. God it was bad - Edward and Bella were so cheesy, mumbling emos.

    However, Taylor Lautner is one good looking young man, and so long as he was there for me to enjoy, I was happy.

  15. I thought New Moon was fantastic! It was so much better than Twilight - and it was so much prettier to look at too. All the characters were more vibrant, funnier and Taylor Lautner did SUCH a good job. I might even be persuaded to join Team Jacob. LOL

    The Volturi scene was really beautiful (all the red and vibrant colour). All in all I wasn't even a little dissapointed.


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