10 things I learnt this weekend

1. I can eat alot of cookies in a weekend :)
2. I'm becoming a shopaholic (must..buy...things) - I blame the Christmas music in malls, it makes me want to spend
3. I am over my fear of ruffled tops
4. Natalie Portman is my new celebrity crush
5. I just don't like chicken anymore (weird, but true)
6. Red tea berry flavoured Snapples are awesome
7. I heart vintage rock t-shirts
8. Skipping is such good exercise (yup, Ive been using my skipping rope and it feels good)
9. Brilliant music really helps fuel my imagination
10. A one minute kiss can burn 26 calories (apparently)
What did you learn this weekend?


  1. Great list but number 10 blew my socks off!!
    What the hell am I doing in the gym then? That sounds far more like my kinda exercise!

  2. I learned that brownies are awesome, too awesome.

  3. Yay for the kissing! I learnt that summer is here - it's bloody hot!

  4. I learned
    1. that beer bread is not as hard to make as you might think.
    2. If u are truly lazy, getting dressed is too much effort
    3. The Grinch stole summer

  5. I learnt ... hmmm ... that Nick Hornby is an excellent writer and that my friend apparently thinks I write like Nick.

  6. Great list! I am going to answer your question in my blog right now! Check it if you feel curious!

  7. Your 10 Things lists are great! I borrowed the idea for one of my own, “Things I learnt at my office Christmas party”…could as well have been “Ways I embarrassed myself this weekend”.

  8. I learned:
    1. I'm good at coding interviews.
    2. Collage is still fun.
    3. Not everyone loves KU basketball as much as I do, and that's just fine.

  9. 1. I learnt that there are glasses that hold a whole bottle of wine!
    and 2. Mumus, are not sexy.

  10. Oooo nice lessons. I love Natalie - she's so fab!

  11. I like Natalie too! I am looking forward to seeing her in Brothers.

  12. skipping is awesome! and you can do it anywhere!

    Great list (as always), have a fantastic week!

  13. i can eat a lot of cookies too! and i am grossed out by chicken most of the time. and i sure wish i had a kissing partner. hahahah. :)

    good music is always good.. and you remninded me, i dont seem to like chickens either since we had chickens in our back-yard..

  15. I just learnt a valuable lesson. :)

  16. I didn't learn it this weekend, but I think Natalie Portman is awesome! She's hot, has a great personality and smiles like a pro!

  17. Great Post! =D As always.

    I learned that (for the first time in my life) I HATE CHRISTMAS. I can't stand the music and the decorations etc. Yeah Yeah just call me Scrooge.

  18. i have loved natalie portman for the longest time...she is just perfection! i would like to be reincarnated as her in my next life, please + thank you.


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