10 things I learnt this weekend

1. You are never too old for Cocoa pops cereal
2. Its great to have a friend who cooks really well (see HERE)
3. I find it ridiculous and funny that not one person in Metropolis can see that Clark Kent is Superman . lol.
4. Its never a good idea to jump to conclusions
5. I loathe wind - especially during Cape Town summer
6. Sunset bike rides by the ocean are so awesome
7. I don't want/need as much for Christmas as I thought
8. Some days my blog saves my sanity
9. Too much sleep makes you more tired
10. Only accept the things that can never be changed
What did you learn this weekend?


  1. i learnt that i actually sleep better with the crazy wind outside. Its a familiar soothing sound! lol

  2. I've learnt that when my friends are drunk they'll sing Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus. I've learnt that my friends don't really know all the words to the Pary in the USA songs. I've learnt that this won't stop them from sing the song anyway. I've learnt that when we get pulled over by a cop they will shout don't worry she's SOBER, she's the designated driver, she NEVER drinks.

  3. its also great to have a flatmate that can cook.
    the wind this weekend was hectic. our flat is full of leaves and dirt now. we had to do a heavy-duty cleaning session.

  4. I agree you are never too old for Cocoa pops cereal! Yum!

    I learnt that trying out someone elses family traditions can be so much fun!

  5. It's also great having a friend whose mom is a wonderful cook and has come to stay for a while :-)

    I learnt that no matter how full you think you are, you will always find room for sticky toffee pudding, that my best friend is a fantastic dad and that I am skilled at making noises that make crying babies laugh (or maybe I just have a funny face!).

  6. LOVE coco pops.

    I lived with a friend who cooks really well for 3 and a half years, it was bliss :)

  7. i'm SOOOO with you on #3!! i'm glad someone finally brought it up!!

  8. I, too, loathe the wind.....right now it's 10 degrees below zero and blowing snow. :-)

  9. Am busy watching Superman AGAIN with Lulu. And yeah, seriously? They cant see its CLARK? hehe

    Dont even get me startd on the wind!

    I picked up my necklace today - man, its stunning! Thanks again.

  10. I learned that you can overheat melted chocolate- and set it on fire..... eek! My cooking skills are not good haha.

  11. i'm so bad at jumping to conclusions. thanks for the reminder!

  12. This week I learnt that disappearing from the face of the Earth requires only to lose your cellphone and stay away from your laptop. Its wonderful really.

  13. I learnt that one should not go outdoors in 28 degree weather with wet hair.

  14. I had to accept a few things this weekend that I cannot nor want to try and change.

    I also learned that my 3 year old had 17 invisible friends over this weekend and they were playing soccer in the house. When he asked me to say hi, he turned and told them that mom was just jealous cause he has so many friends. LOL

    Happy Monday

  15. I learned that sleep is actually a good thing. I totally agree with you with #3 & #8. Truly!

  16. I loathe wind too. It is my worstest element.

  17. ooh I love your list...
    reading 3 I was like 'I know right!!!' how many times does kent need to save a person before the light flashes on in there heads! :)
    aaaannyway...reading this really makes me wish I could ride my bike...if the darn weather would just improve!
    Seriously, I have this New Year resolution (from last year) to run a 6 miles (or something like that) and ever since I decided to actually do it, it hasn't stopped raining!!! hehee :)

  18. Haha...I agree with the Superman point!! It's amazing really! :)


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