The floating stage

The Parlotones

Last night I went to the AquaFestival to see the Parlotones. It was a fab evening- so, i thought i should do a little show and tell....
We had great seats centered a few rows back in front of the floating stage (perfect). The sky was clear, Table Mountain looked wonderful and the Parlotones were really very impressive live (though, they did scare me a bit when they did a short cover of Lady Gaga's "poker face" - weird choice).
Heres a little more info on the event (if you interested):
The sold-out Parlotones show rocked the AquaFestival's 2000-strong audience last night. Set on a floating stage in the Victoria and Alfred basin, V&A Waterfront, the Parlotones is but one of 12 world-class performances that will entertain Capetonians and international visitors throughout the summer.
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  1. Wow, what a setting for a concert, awesome!

  2. wow this looks like a very cool concert!

  3. A floating stage? That sounds pretty cool.

    Sounds like you had some great seats. I was just bragging about 3rd row center for Curious George...looks like you got me beat. LOL

  4. Oh wow, what an awesome setting!
    Love the Parlotones!

  5. Ooh that looks like AWESOME fun :-) beautiful setting.

  6. Ugh someone gave me a free complimentary ticket. But when I went it rained and they had to cancel the show =(

  7. It looks mad rad. I like the idea of a floating concert... although because of my imagination I also just thought of the... um... electrical equipment on water- kinda whacks me out a bit.

  8. I love the Parlotones. They are extremely hot; that's the music and the guys ;-)


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