Thursday, 17 December 2009

What I got...

Here are a few things that I bought recently and like alot - so i thought i would mention them to you:

* Benefit Celebutante kit - this would make a fabulous gift. Its a nice way to try a few benefit things without having to buy the big sizes. It comes in a cute box with a mirror in it. The kit has: 2 lipsticks, a gloss, mini benetint, mini highbeam, 2 eye shadows, Dallas blusher, blush brush and eyeshadow dual brush.

* Dermalogica "brighten up" moisturiser with SPF15 - I heard this new Clean Start range by Dermalogica was mainly for teens - but on my quest to find a tinted moisturiser I thought i'd give it a try anyway. Ive been using it a few days and I love it. This moisuriser is lightweight, gives some coverage with the tint, isnt too expensive and is by Dermalogica (one of my fav brands).

* Maybelline Colossal volume lash mascara - It makes my lashes look fuller (which i really need) and i like the fun yellow packaging :)

* Silver grey pashmina/shawl - Recently Ive been getting alot of invites to weddings and dressy things - So, I thought it was a good idea to buy a pashmina that can do day or night (and isn't black). I decided on a silver grey colour and it goes with so much.
Buy anything fabulous lately?

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  1. I almost snagged some of that mascara yesterday as I was wondering around the pharmacy. I love to try different mascaras, but tend to be disappointed with them more often than not. I might have to give it a go now...

  2. i heart the new dermalogica range. i use a couple of products along with my other ones. You need to get the "ready, set, scrub". It has changed my life. it's a face mask and exfoliating scrub. and its amazing!

  3. oh wow i really like that benefit set.. i have been looking to try them out & i think you're right that this is the perfect way. looks like you get a ton of stuff, too! thanks!


  4. I love the shall. I have a black one that I got last year and it came in handy for some evening outs.

  5. Thanks for the reviews! I love how clever Benefit is with naming their items. I bought a new foundation by Givenchy (well actually my mom gave it to me because it's too light for her)- it's this one:

    Fabulous- so light weight and smells light and nice too!

  6. First time on your blog, and WOW! already picked up some great tips. MUST have Benefit set!(hope it's not to late to add to the Krismis list)

  7. I like Dermalogica Brighten Up too! I don't wear it daily, but it's fun when I want a glow. Their Smart Mouth Lip Shine is also really great if you get dry lips like me:-)

  8. I like the Dermalogica "brighten up" moisturiser with SPF15 idea. I never have time to do make up in the morning and if I do, I sit and rub my face the whole day. I think I might give it a try!

  9. I am in search of the perfect mascara! I have 4 in my drawer at the moment but none of them seem to have the effect I want!

    So may give this one a try!

  10. am in the market for new mascara so am going to give this a try. my current one transforms me into a panda bear by lunchtime. NOT A GOOD LOOK.

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