Friday fluff

Ive been awfully tired this week. This morning I literally had to be dragged out of my warm bed, as I just could not muster up enough energy to lift the duvet off me (Thanks, Boyf). I'm hoping this weekend I can catch up on all the sleep I missed lately (and then hopefully next week I won't be such a slacker blogger).

By now I am sure you have all heard about the utterly devastating earthquake that happened in Haiti on 13 January. The stories coming out of Haiti since the earthquake have been so very sad. If you want to help the survivors in Haiti - you can go visit HERE or HERE or HERE to make donations.

I just read an article about 50 things that have changed our live's since the beginning of the millennium (I was super surprised to see that Crocs and Uggs made the list) -Click HERE to read it.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend! x


  1. Don't have any book recommendations as yet ... Will need to give this some more thought.

  2. How the fek have crocs change our lives?

  3. The earthquake is tragic! I hope they find relief soon.

  4. I hate getting out of bed in the morning! I had to get up at 9:15 yesterday but didn't wake up til 11. ; )

    And I have a clickable icon on my blog for donating money to Haiti Earthquake Relief through the American Red Cross.

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  6. Hello:)
    Firstly, i hope that God will help everybody in Haiti.Secondly, have a happy weekend too.It seems that you totally deserve it:)


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