Mall walking (aka Mallercise)

Today I stumbled upon an article about an amusing fitness craze called "mall walking" (obviously this was started by shopaholics).

First off I would like to say that I have been walking around malls for many years - but I had no idea I could call it part of my fitness regime. Obviously now that I know such a fitness craze exists I can (and probably will) use this excuse every time I need to go to the mall without a good reason *chuckles*. I will probably have a conversation like this sometime in the future:

Boyf: Where you off to, honey?
Me: I'm off to the mall
Boyf: So, you are going shopping?
Me: No, I'm going to exercise
Boyf: Hmmm, then why you taking your bag?
Me: Well, I may need to buy some things so I can carry some extra weight while I walk -works up a better sweat ;)

Though, I find it a bit silly (plus I prefer to exercise in places where I can focus on fitness) I do see some benefits to mall walking, like...

* its safer than walking around in some neighbourhoods
* its a good way to keep an eye out for sales
*You can catch a movie, if you need a break
* if you dislike the "workout" outfit you left the house in, you can always buy a new one...

Notes: Apparently "mall walking" (also know as "Mallercise") is usually done before stores open, so that there are less crowds. To read more about "Mall walking" click HERE or HERE

Are you going to start "mall walking"? or are you going to start your own silly fitness craze?


  1. Fitness craze? Walking to the fridge to obtain chocolate. There'd be prizes too.

  2. Mall walking, hmm. I did enough of that, didn't have much effect though, lol.

    And fitness crazes are usually just that; crazes that die down after a short time. ;-)

    Still, funny idea!

  3. Sounds great...until security takes you aside. ;)

  4. doing sport and entertaining yourself at the same time, yeah, I usually do that!

  5. I'm a fitness fanatic...and I hate this one is not gonna help me:)

  6. me likey. definitely a much better form of exercising.

  7. I definitely mall walk. I try to mask the exercising as "Window Shopping". I have a mall by me with 4 floors. I walk up & around each & then back down again. It's a great work-out because I had fun. hehe.

  8. youre welcome! I absolutely adore your blog. we do seem to have lots in common. thats what i love about this whole bloggy blog community! AND, i am loving your new book club! i havent officially joined in the fun, but i will, as soon as my bedside book pile slims down a little!

  9. lol! i do a lot of that but i was actually at the point today!! :) Yay for me. hehe

  10. so funny! i knew about "mallercise" from my grandparents. they've been walking the malls since 1990. seriously. but i was thinking the same thing last time i was at the mall, i thought to myself-- man, this is total exercise! i dont' have to go to the gym tonight! haha it's much more rewarding than the gym, i agree!

  11. i would like to make mall walking an olympic sport.. my wife could take the gold.

  12. I could do Mallercise as long as I had the fat wallet to go along with the strutting around the shops for hours on end.

  13. Ok it sounds like hell to me, but I have participated before, following people round malls, and I was fliiping exhausted at the end! Good workout.

  14. I live in the midwest in the States and it is a great place to walk in the winter or when the weather is nasty. A lot if indoor malls have walking clubs before the malls open at 10.

    The downfall is, a lot of our indoor malls are becoming desert becuase now they are building the outdoor malls again.

  15. My aunt 'mallercised' daily (for years) back in the day. It opened for walkers at 8 am and for shoppers at 10. She liked to be back home by then. Weirdo. ; )


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