Friday, 22 January 2010

Oh, Oreo

“Health food may be good for the conscience
but Oreos taste a hell of a lot better.”-
Robert Redford

If I had to be a cookie - I'd want to be an delicious Oreo.

Why? Well, in so many ways i think Oreos are the perfect cookie. They are soft enough to eat straight from the box, but hard enough not to crumble into nothingness when they are dipped into milk. Plus, they taste amazing sprinkled on ice-cream *drool*.

The Oreo is also very awesome looking (you know it). It has a super dark brown colour on its outside and a snow white center (very cool). Its also always perfectly shaped and inviting.

Are they healthy? Not at all - but when it comes to cookies I think thats really a positive point (right?) hehehe.
If you had to be a cookie, what cookie would you be?

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  1. I'd be one of my homemade choc-chip cookies - they are so yummy, even I can't resist them!

    If I had to pick a shop-bought cookie, probably a strawberry whirl because they are fun, yummy and have been my favourite since I was 4!

  2. home made choc chip cookies mmmm nummy - I Loooove them

    I love chockits :) if i have to buy from the shops

    it is THE cookie

  4. Ohhh Oreos. Omg. I have double stuff ones at home. They are my guilty pleasure.

    I would definitely be a Milano cookie. They are just sooo good.


  5. Yeah ... cookie ...? i don't think so.

  6. A chocolate HobNob....oaty and crunchy and chocolatey, but mostly coz the name is so funny ;-)

  7. Most definitely a chocolate digestive, with caramel inside!

  8. I love Redford's quote - so true!

  9. I'd be a Rice Krispy treat. Kinda healthy, but not really. ; )

  10. I make the best shortbread in the world. I do. It's just a fact, I'm not bragging. So if I'm going to be the best cookie that's what I'd have to be.

    Store bought I'd be a Strawberry Twirl... what's not to like?

  11. There was a time I was addicted to Oreos. Then I got sick of them. haha, seriously.
    If I had to be a coockie...I'd be ..I don't think I'm a cookie material. :P

  12. I'm a brownie. Dark, thick, sticky, sweet and a little nutty.

  13. I agree with SleepyDumpling!! =D LOVE those. And yeah... Oreos are AWESOME. The White ones as well! You should try it.

  14. Oh Oreo's are litlle bites of heaven. So so so so yummy.

  15. Hmmmmm.... I'd be Laduree macaroon! Fashionably lovely and yummy!

    Oh, what a fantastic idea to write! This is cool babe.

  16. oh boy oh boy oh boy. im leaving right now to go get some oreos. mmmmmmmmm!


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