Work, food film, raw fish and a favour

This week I have been experiencing some serious "back to work blues"...but I'm sure I'll shake them off soon....until then I will have to rely on strong coffee in the morning, comfort eating and alot of red wine to get me through this week *chuckles*

Last night I watched Julie and Julia, which I enjoyed for mainly two reasons -1. I could really relate to Julie's blogging hobby (and a few of her freak-outs) and 2. It made me feel like cooking french food (I may have to get Julia Child's cookbook now).

Speaking of cooking... For Christmas this year my mom got me a How to make sushi kit. The sushi kit includes a maki rolling mat, DVD and sushi cookbook. Though I love sushi, I have always been a bit worried by the idea of making my own at home.
Have you made your own sushi before? tips?

A favour: If you like my blog, think that I deserve a blog award and have some time... you can go HERE and nominate me for a Bloggie award in the "Best African blog" category. How it works is: you have to nominate THREE blogs in any categories and then confirm the e-mail when it comes through.


  1. The prize money is only S20? Fine I'll vote for you ...

  2. Slightly worried now, are you channeling me, or is it the other way around? Watched Julia and Julia, got the book, cooked the Boeuf Bourguignon and blogged about it. Are you watching me? *Suki looks suspiciously over right shoulder*

    As for the sushi, give it a go, it's great fun to make your own. Tips, make the rice layer pretty thin. If you make inside out rolls, put cling wrap on the bamboo mat. Keep your hands moist and use a sharp knife. And just have fun, fall-apart rolls taste just as good!

  3. hmm yours is the only one i read... you need to vote for 3. lol

  4. You've got to try make your own sushi! It's such (messy) fun! A few tips;
    1} take the time to make the rice properly. There are lots of instructions online but I've found the easiest ones to follow are the ones on the Tastic sushi rice packets. It's worth the soaking rinsing, cooling fanning etc. in the end.
    2} A SHARP knife. It also helps to dip the knife in some water, and let a drop roll down the cutting edge. It stops the rice sticking.
    3} Moist hands-a damp face cloth works well
    4} HAVE FUN! Wine helps....

  5. Sushi is fun to make yet hard to make it as good as when you order it at a restaurant.
    Tip: Don't wash all the sticky rice off your hands in a bathroom cloggs the sink :)
    Just a random tip from experience...
    I love your blog by the way.

  6. Making Sushi, is never as easy as you might think it is.

  7. I think part of the appeal for me of sushi is picking off the little round about :)

    Have fun trying to make it though!

  8. i heard that movie was really good! i want to watch it now!

  9. I always want to make sushi but never get around to it! My mom makes salmon roses, the rice is a bit tricky (lots of soaking etc) but its totaly worth it as you get about 10 times more sushi for your money!


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