Monday, 15 February 2010

10 things I learnt this weekend

1. Wellness Warehouse has an awesome organic market every second Saturday (10 - 2pm at school next to Kloof centre)

2. Its easy to make a mosaic heart ornament (thx, Bee)
3. Putting honey in coffee is a terrible idea
4. The Boyf is really good at picking out clothes for me
5. A homemade champagne breakfast, shared with the one you love, is definitely the best way to start the day ;)
6. Very mature cheddar cheese is so delicious and addictive
7. The Cape Town Fish Market at the V & A waterfront has great (rather cheap) set menus and very fresh sushi (yum).
10. Most of the time love really is all you need :)

What did you learn this weekend?

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  1. The service at Cape Town Fish Market is really bad though. You wait for ever to get your meal.

    Pics up on my blog =)

  2. Mosaic heart ornament - EASY to make and they look realy pretty on a christmas tree or in a window!

    These days I don't through old stuff away. I just paint and mosaic them. Just finished my bedside table. Best of all it keep's the hands busy while watching TV, so there's no time to snack!!

  3. I can't imagine anywhere better to eat sushi!

  4. Oh you had a good one. Stole your idea today - hope you do not mind.

  5. 1.Sometimes it's nice just spending the whole day at home in our little cocoon.

    2.Power failures can turn into unexpectedly romantic evenings esp when you have a city skyline view of Joburg out your window.

    3. A nice new fridge cost more than you think

  6. Ah, sounds like you had a lovely weekend. Haha, I actually LOVE honey in coffee.. maybe I'm weird. X

  7. i learnt that NASCAR should never ever schedule a race on Valentine's Day again!! and that I love LA Ink.
    Hope you had a fantastic heart day!

  8. We only have the CtfM here in EL so i love them too, altho the service isn't great.

    I learnt that a sunday valentines day spent with my dh and 2 girls, focusing on each other, is all you really need. No big gifts - fresh waffles, a shoulder on the weber and good times with family.

  9. Well it sounds like you had an overall wonderful weekend.

  10. Cute pic. How do you make the mosaic heart? Would love to know. :) xxx

  11. oh! a champagne breakfast sounds FAB!

  12. I learned that eating an entire jar of peanut butter when you think that you may be allergic to it is a bad idea. I spent the weekend in a Benadryl-induced stupor! :(

  13. Love is all you need, du du du du du...

  14. Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend! :)


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