Thursday, 4 February 2010

Lie to me

"The Truth is Written All Over Our Faces" >
Wouldn't it be totally awesome if you could tell if a person is lying or what they are really feeling just by looking at their face and body movements?

Well, in the series Lie to me that is exactly what the main characters can do - Heres what Wikipedia says about the show: "Dr. Cal Lightman (Tim Roth) and his colleagues accept assignments and assist in investigations, reaching the truth through applied psychology: interpreting microexpressions, through the Facial Action Coding System, and body language"

I just started watching the series and I must say, I'm really enjoying it. I also love the fact that the series is based on real-life scientific discoveries.
Discovered any cool, new shows lately?

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  1. Watched it. Wasn't much impressed. You should watch The Unit which stars Scott Foley from Felicity Fame. He wears a uniform, saves the universe and has sex on kitch table tops.

  2. I'm loving FLASH FORWARD Tuesday nights 8:30. Very Good!! And then an old Faveroute back on is Grey's Anatomy.

  3. I have all those features. Swear.

  4. Thanks for reminding me, I like the first season of Lie To Me and totally forgot about the second season. Others shows that I enjoy recently are Chuck and Leverage.

  5. J and I are currently watching this;'Allo_'Allo!

    It's not new, but it's so funny!

  6. love this idea! ill have to check it out! im not watchin anything new, but DEXTER is the dope shit!

  7. I watched it a few times but then decided to stop. It was making me paranoid that everybody around me was lying to me. "Hey, I saw your mouth go downards... you're lying!!!!" "Your eyes were downcast then they went left... you're lying!!!" Needless to say, that wasn't the best for my already nonexistent social life.

  8. I LOVE that show. And whenever they teach their viewers something new about discovering the truth, I jot it down in my mind.
    And I completely agree with Auntof14 that it does make you go bf paused before answering a question and I went like "I know you're lying".
    Btw, is it weird that I find Carl Lightman hot?

  9. I'm addicted to FRINGE. It's about FBI agents who investigate freaky sciency phenomena. Plus Joshua Jackson is sooo cute and cheeky! I think I'll be checking out The Unit though, like Miss Humble I think I might enjoy Scott Foley in uniform.

  10. Nahl it is weird! ewwwww!

    I watch Lie To Me every week but what I find annoying is that they will always point out a marker to their colleagues, which is for the audiences benefit, but their colleagues would already know that so it's dumb, and most of the "signs of lying" are common sense.

    As for new shows, Life On Mars is awesome, action TV thursday nights or on DSTV on demand. Old favourite Fringe is back, woo hoo. Flash Forward isn't too bad, will definitely make sure I catch each episode, but the first couple of episodes have not lived up to my expectations created by reviews in the media, but it is definitely intriguing. But didnt you guys find that woman agent sooooooooo annoying in the last episode, miss Negativity, like "why must I search for crow incidents, it's so pointless" bleh bleh bleh, she sucks.


  11. Love & stuff: Oooooh Flash forward is totally awesome.
    Gene: Love Leverage too.
    Lacey: Yes. Dexter is the shit. Was totally shocked by how season 4 ended.

  12. Love & Stuff - I like Flash Forward

    Gene & experiments - Chuck is also so good.

    Sleepyjane - I know that show. Old but good

    Aunt 14 / Nahl - the show is making me try guess who is lying and who is not. hahaha

    Miss E - I watched Fringe a little while, but got a little annoyed with it. Though i do love Joshua Jackson

    Chantal - hahaha! Yes, I did actually find woman agent annoying in Flash Forward.

    Not Brazen - hi :)

  13. I LOVE this show! And I love how I notice all sorts of facial expressions when chatting with people or watching other series.

  14. We LOVE it aswell...and we enjoy being amateur interpreters!


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