Silly pedestrians, plant killing and inspiration

While driving to work today I could have hit...
about 10 pedestrians with my car, but lucky for them I don't suffer from any kind of road rage and have no homicidal tendencies (well, not usually). Often I can't believe that some people try and cross the road as soon as the light turns green for cars to go - Seriously, why? stupidity? death wish?

The plant near my desk is sick...
and I dont think it is going to recover. I am starting to see a pattern emerging -you see, the last plant that was in the same place started to get sickly, then it lost all its branches (I then begun to affectionately call it "stumpie") and then "stumpie" went to plant heaven.
I know what you must be thinking, and I swear I didn't kill the previous plant. It's also not my fault now that this one is sickly.
Anyways, to make matter worse, some of my co-workers have been throwing me judging looks as they pass the new, sick plant. Some even make questioning comments like "What has happened to your plant, Brazen?" or "Plants don't seem to like you, hey?".
Ok, people lets set the record straight: its not MY plant - I am just the closest person to the plant. Personally I think someone is feeding the plant coffee or something. I think I must set up a secret "plant cam" and find the plant killer in my office.
IF you are feeling sorry for yourself today...
or are thinking that your life just sucks right now - go watch THIS video (I'm sure some of you have seen it before). Its very inspiring and may get you choked up.


  1. Aaaaand cue the snot & tears from the pregnant chick!
    Today was a bit of a kak day - good to get a bit of perspective, ne?

  2. had a crappy day yesterday too so that video did help.

  3. No plant survives me! A boy bought me a love palm at school. It died, so my mom replaced it before the boy's feelings could get hurt, but when it died again ,we just didn't bother.

    My boyfriends mom bought me a beautiful orchid. I tried really hard, but no luck!!

  4. Maybe Po can still save your plant?

  5. i hate stupid people when i'm driving (esp in the am). and school buses. and snow.


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