10 things I learnt this weekend

1. Three day weekends actually give you time to relax
2. I adore the way the ocean looks on grey, cloudy days
3. I can bake totally yummy oatmeal cookies
4. My baby sister always finds such cute, cheap vintage things
5. Motorbike rides along Chapmans peak are awesome
6. If I spent more time at Twinkles house I would get  seriously addicted to reality TV shows *winks*
7. A good jog can energise you after a lazy weekend
8. One of my friends is going to have a baby in September
9. I really like Lady Antebellum (I must get a CD)
10. A cluttered mind can prevent new, happy thoughts from finding a space to stay

What did you learn this weekend?


  1. i love love love their new cd! its my morning drive music :)

  2. So that's whats wrong with my mind!

  3. We also had a three day weekend :) and i learnt that i am not as fit as i thought i was! lol

  4. I also baked this weekend. Blueberry cake and cupcakes with cream cheese icing, then chocolate cupcakes too. It's very relaxing.

  5. Number 10 - so so so so true!!

    wish wish ALL weekends were 3 days. sigh...........

  6. I like no. 10....my mind is so full of clutter I think I may need a blerry exterminator. :-(

  7. I am trying to declutter my mind. Not being very successful right now though!

  8. Beautiful. I felt so calm after reading this!

  9. I got the Lady Antebellum CD, I kind of dig it too.

  10. you and your 3 day weekend! :)

  11. I love three-day weekends. Bring on April, baby.


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