Beach swim

I said I'd share an excerpt from what I am busy writing. So, here it is: 
The wind comes up a bit more, whipping my hair across my face, my heart starts to beat faster and I feel an invisible force pushing me forward. Dropping the coat, I break into a jog. The plastic boots feel like weights as my speed increases. Clumsily I pull them off, tossing them in either direction, and I keep jogging.

Once free of the boots, I can feel the soft damp sand between my toes. The wind continues to toss my long hair around and I start running toward the dark water. The ocean rumbling seems all around me and in my head.

I pull my night dress over my head and carelessly toss it onto the sand. My mismatching underwear crosses my mind for a moment. Then I chuckle wildly to myself and keep running. Faster and faster, kicking up lots of sand as I leap forward. My feet hit the water at a great speed, spraying up lots of salty liquid against me. The intense icy feeling instantly sends a shock wave through my body, but I don't stop. Jumping head first into the waves my body goes numb.
For a moment everything is silent, except the thudding heartbeat in my ears.

I emerge from the water in seconds and everything begins to have a sound again. I suddenly feel wet, exposed and reckless.

Hugging myself, I head toward the beach grass in search of my clothes. The first thing I notice is my crumpled nightdress laying on the sand. I shake it off and put it on. Then I remove the wet underwear from under the clinging nightdress. I scan the beach looking for my coat. Now where did I leave it? I ask myself in a whisper. 
As I begin to walk in the direction of the house, I notice the rain boots a few steps away. Once I put them onto my sand caked feet,  I head off to where I dropped the coat. Thanks to the full moon I can navigate my way across the beach quite easily. After dusting off as much sand as possible, I put it on. I instantly feel warmer. Though, the combination of wet skin, wool and fine sand cause my skin to itch a little.

“Next time bring a towel” I mumble to myself as I rub my hand against my sandy neck. After buttoning all the buttons and securing the belt I shove my wet underwear into one of the pockets. As I do my hand bumps against something. I pull the box out and see it’s a old packet of Marlboro cigarettes that the previous wearer must have forgotten. Inside are three slightly bent cigarettes and a little silver lighter. Having never been a very dedicated smoker in the past I feel reluctant to try out the filthy habit again, but since tonight is a rather momentous night, being my first underwear beach swim and all, I think why not. 

I light up the cigarette and take a drag. The smoke is harsh and burns my throat instantly. Coughing and cursing I throw the cigarette to the ground.

While stomping out the ciggarette, I begin to give myself a mini lecture on why that was bad idea, when suddenly I hear a rustling sound to my left. My breathing speeds up and swing around to face where the sound is coming from. There, on a nearby dune, I notice someone watching me. I strain my eyes to see, and I realise the shape is a man. As I stare a bit longer I see the faint light of a cigarette as he inhales....

Update: Click HERE to read Part 2

 (from my work in progress)


  1. lovely writting - well done!
    so proud of you :)

    waiting for the next installment

  2. holy moley..this is good.

    is it your own writing?


  3. It's really really good!!

  4. i want to read more and more and more and more!!!

  5. At first I thought maybe to Danielle Steel for my liking. BUT then "Oh wait, this is good" When I got to the end I was like damn now what...

    Keep going!

  6. Betty Bake - Thanks my friend x

    Desi - yeah, its a piece of something I am trying to write.

    Lady Times - really? thats great. thanks.

    Love and Stuff - hahahaha! It gets alot less Danielle Steele I promise. ;)

  7. there is a book in you waiting to come out!

    er, have you ever gone to the beach and done that?

    Oh and BTW i will be in CT for the TWO OCEANS! I cannot wait! email me any suggestions on things i MUST SEE and things i MUST DO :)

  8. Its really good! I was like damn i want to read more! :) Cant wait to see you on the shelves of exclusive books!! xx

  9. Nice work Brazen...I see some Gillian Clarke in you :)

  10. wow .. i've never read something that good in a long time :)

  11. REALLY! Hook at the first line Brazen. I see a shining career ahead you lady. So much talent!!!

  12. Really good. I want to read more!!

  13. This is a brilliant start...look forward to reading the rest :-)

  14. I love seeing someone making their dreams come true! You have great talent - keep going.

  15. Go for it BB! Thee's nothing stopping you from finishing this.

  16. Awesome writing! Can't wait til the next installment. : )

  17. Nice!Want to read more. All the best dear. Have a great day.Take care.

  18. When do we get the next installment? It's great! Need to know what happens!

  19. It was as if I were there with you.
    I touched my neck, expecting to feel the sand. I miss the ocean.
    *** sigh ***


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