Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Jogging, lipstick writing and party ideas

Last night I went for a jog down my road with The Boyf. It was very slow going and rather torturous (as it has been many moons since my last jog) - but I did it (yay me). I must add that It never ceases to amaze me how a jog can make you feel so alive and accomplished. I am really going to try to jog more consistently (pinky swears)

The other day this really inconsiderate person parked so close to my drivers side door that not even a skinny cat would have been able squeeze between us (So not cool). I  got so annoyed that I actually lipstick wrote "Dont park so close to me" on their side mirror ( i would have written more, but i ran out of mirror space and squashed my lipstick a bit).... Anyways, the moral of this story is park nicely and always carry a tube of cheap lipstick with you for emergencies like this :)

My super special birthday is 2 months away and I am already starting to think of what to do ('cause its an important one). I am seriously considering having a dress-up birthday party this year, but I am having trouble thinking of a really good theme or dress code. If you have any good suggestion for my party theme, please let me know.

Have a fabulous Wednesday, darlings x
*Love the shoes in photo

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  1. Well done for jogging... hehe, I really don't like running/jogging.. I just do yoga.. :).
    I also like planning my birthday in advance... so is your birthday in may? are you a taurus/gemini?

  2. Sorry, your photo completely left me WANT those shoes!!

    Seriously - about your party...forget the dresses - make it a Hot Shoe party!! ;-)

  3. so congrats for jogging...damn i know i must also do it, but hey, im lazy after a days work!! :O

    mmm, will have to think for can always use the space theme they have on the KFC add if all else fails... lol JK!
    enjoy your day!! only 2 more left before weekend

  4. I prefer yoga and the pool to jogging myself, but I do walk often.

    I actually leave notes for people who park crappy too... once this SUV parked so close to my driver's door, I had to emphasise in capitals that if they didn't want their car to be scratched they should follow the white guide lines they're meant to park in between.

    Maybe we should get these stickers, Brazen:

    I think Alice in Wonderland is a popular theme for parties this year and I just had a Mad Hatter's Tea Party theme for my sister's baby shower... though some other suggestions I'd give thought to (and would personally have it ladies only,) is something broadway-ish like Chicago or if you're really daring, go burlesque like Moulin Rouge.

  5. well my friend is having a tim burton party this weekend. i think that's a pretty good theme! basically dress up as any of his characters.

  6. Haha, lipstick vigilantes. I went for a job yesterday too, first for many moons. My knees hurt.

  7. It's my 30th in 3 months time :) I'm guessing you're talking about the same age, it seems everyone is turning 30 this year :P and also everyone seems to have themed parties for their 30th, I'm also contemplating something, last year I went to a black&white dress code party, there's also been an all white dress code party, but it also depends on how you want to party, I dont want people to dress up fancy because I'm going to either have my party in a barn or garage, lol, it's way better than it sounds btw. But yeah I'm hoping some people leave some cool ideas on here so I can steal one :P

  8. Haha, i wish i could have seen you doing the lipstick writing :P Ohhh theme party sounds cool! :)

  9. I think, seeing what is showing, an Alica in Wonderland theme will be stunning

  10. the lipstick writing!

  11. I still haven't been to gym or ran at all this week, meh. But I plan to go tomorrow, for realz!

    Awesome on the lipstick vigilantism, that's the way chicks handle things, hehe. :-)

    And and and, I love the dress up idea - have a masked party with a colour theme!

  12. A theme party! Awesome. If you are thinking of something fun & exciting, sort of connecting with the child in you than you should go for " Disney Characters", there is a wide range of cartoon characters to choose from, otherwise if you are thinking of something more feminine, bold and confident, than you should opt for a 'colour' theme. Everyone comes with the theme colour but with different attire- it can be a dress, skirt etc.. Plus the good thing about it is that you get to accessorize with long necklaces, sexy heels and those pretty bangles and earrings. It sort of makes a statement about yourself & you get to choose one, two or three colours as a theme. If I were you probably I would go for the red colour theme or red& black theme. So cool.Wish I could be there.Have fun anyways.Take care.

  13. 'when i grow up' fancy dress? ... happy jogging and happy early birthday! xx

  14. Love those shoes! Well done on the jog and I hope we get to see some birthday pics? x

  15. I feel like everyone and their dog is doing Alice in Wonderland or Mad Hatter NO.

    You love to read- what about a "come as your favorite literary character" party? Not only will you get to see some fun costumes, but you'll maybe learn something you didn't know about all your friends. :)

  16. Well done on jogging babe!

    I tell you, there are times that I wished I had lipstick with me so that I could write awful words across peoples windscreens for doing stupid things!

    Good on you :)

  17. The lipstick and mirror thing made me laugh - wish I could do that but do not have the guts :)

    And yes, even when I go for a walk, it make me feel so powerful and refreshed.

  18. I used to carry those face paint crayons in my bag for just such parking matters.

  19. Twisted FairyTales?? Saw it recently and thought it was a goodie :) Good luck - birthday party planning is so much fun!


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