Scented candle love

Photo by me

Today I popped into the Wellness Warehouse and happily discovered that they are now selling Beanswax Yankee Candles (which are made from 100% natural soy wax)

These candles smell absolutely divine. They are available in a few scents, like: Homemade Cake, Wash Day, Silvery Moon and Beach Holiday. They cost R89 for a small one and R249 for a super large one ( a bit pricey, but worth it I think).

After much thought, I ended up buying a Silvery Moon one and lit it as soon as I got home (I am happy to report that it smells just as good when it is burning).


  1. Yay! i love yankee candles :) I only have tarts though and burning lavender vanilla at the mo! totaly yummie :)

  2. I love the wellness warehouse. x

  3. funny that they call them beanswax candles and not soy candles.


  4. Way cool! I must so head down there and get some! :)


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