Some random notes

Right now I am drinking some nice rooibos (aka redbush) tea  and enjoying the lovely gloomy weather in Cape Town (and wondering how I can sneak out of the office early without anyone noticing)

My weekend road trip was rather tiring (as there was not alot of sleep and way too much driving) - but it was still very nice and there were some very funny moments :)

Here are a few random catch-up notes:
* I just started a new, international giveaway - go HERE to enter
* I still have a book blog (though I suck at reading lately). The next book club list for April /May will be going up at the end of this month. Check out book blog HERE
*Someone actually wants me to write a weekly, Friday post on their blog (no, I am not making this up) . See proof last Fridays post about name necklaces HERE
* I have not been exercising (naughty). I want to start jogging.
* I feel as though I am losing my mind - Its not official yet, but all the signs are there....just thought I should give you a heads up.
* I MUST see Alice in Wonderland in 3D sometime this week .

How are you doing this week? any news?


  1. yes you are officially going mad - as your friend i can vouch for this :)
    and the name necklaces are sooo cute :)

    hope you can sneak out - you never know, it would be soo cool


  2. Congrats on your weekly Friday feature!

  3. I totaly feel like some tea now! Thank goodness we get rooibos here :)

  4. So far this week has been crazy, it feels like the rush for mid-year has kicked in big time and there's no resting for the wicked!

    I'm loving the gloomy weather, the heat got to me big time and to relax and enjoy some cooler weather is working out perfectly for me :)

  5. A friend saw Alice in Wonderland and LOVED it! I'm not much of a movie person but I want to see it too!

    Good news on my end is that the bedrest thing is near an end. I'm nearly healed and was told I could resume my daily activities (within reason) in 2 weeks. Woo Hoo! I've been on bedrest since Feb. 1st.

  6. ditto on watching Alice in Wonderland in 3D... I haven't been to the movies in YONKS!


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