The truth about your food...

Last week I watched a very interesting, yet disturbing , film called Food, Inc ...and now, I am paying way more attention to what I am putting in my shopping basket and stomach

Food, Inc is an oscar nominated, documentary film about America's corporate food industry and how it is not only changing the way food is made, but is also effecting the quality and safety of food.

Though this film is focused on the American food industry, I think everyone could benefit from watching it. I truly feel that the basic message in the film is simple and applies to most of the people on the planet: *Rather buy organic *try to buy only locally produced food *always read food labels *be more aware of where your food comes from and whats in it.

To read more about this film or to watch the trailer click HERE

Have you seen this film? What did you think?


  1. Oh geez, I have seen this movie. Rather disturbing but as you say we definitely need to take care and eat as *close to home* as possible.

  2. Its so difficult to buy good organic food in malta. everything is frozen and gross! lol

  3. I once watched a documentary on battery chickens, and it totally changed the way I see food. It's hard to live by though, as much as I want to only ever eat free-range, organic, etc...

  4. Yeah, I try to be mindful about what I eat. It's a pity that Health shop food is so expensive, but I often buy food from the Wellness Warehouse. I see that you like the WW too :)

  5. i don't even want to think of how some of the things I eat are made! But I will tell you that we own a beef farm, and I pretty much only eat meat raised on our farm or from farms around us. same with eggs & produce when it is in season. You can definitely tell a difference!


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