10 things I learnt this weekend

1. There is actually a limit to how much chocolate I can eat
2. The Hurt Locker was not as good as I expected
3. Pretty shoes make a great Easter gift
4. Apparently if you put a big scary wasp in the freezer for a little while, it will make the insect calm enough to photograph.
5. I have missed yummy donuts (but my thighs have not).
6. I can beat the The Boyf at some games
7. Matthew Mcconaughey always takes the same roles
8. I need to sit and stand up straighter (I blame computers)
9. Being an older sister isn't always easy
10. Most of the time the simplest things are the best things

What did you learn this weekend?


  1. Okay, that wasp thing was a little weird...

  2. Sounds like a fun Easter weekend, now why didn't I get pretty shoes for Easter too?!

  3. The wasp thing? Like, wow? Or something.

  4. Oh, and I learnt that I need to get to Canal Walk more often...sans kids!

  5. I learned that I am very lazy, that I like eating way too much, and that I am a very lucky girl.

  6. I'm with you on number 1 ;-)

  7. Great lessons! I never knew that about the wasps, that's really interesting!

  8. Quite a few things that I can relate to there. I really love your list posts. x

  9. that i get extremely grumpy if i dont nap ..

  10. Number one- SO true!

  11. I can say the same about needing to sit up straighter. I'm afraid I'm going to have a hunchback when I'm older. :-/

  12. bah!

    i didn't really think the hurt locker was that great either. maybe i have a problem with ALL war movies. ugh. they are not my favorite.

    you really put a wasp in the freezer?!?! BAHAHA!!!!

    mcconaughey is a MMMMMMMMMORON. ten bucks says his kids are dumb as posts.

    i need to sit up straighter, too. i am hunched like a turtle at the computer, as usual!

  13. You think being a big sister is hard? Try being the 'little' sister. No one listens to you because "What do you know?" Grr!

  14. 1. I want that bird belt.
    2. being a little sister sucks too.
    3. i have inadvertently shooed a wasp in the fridge. they scare the bajeebers out of me.
    4. computers are ruining my spine as well.

  15. Number 1 CANNOT be true! NOOOOOOOO!

    (Melodrama at work here)

  16. I really enjoyed Hurt Locker, I watched it at least a year ago, so perhaps that's why, before the hype and all..


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