10 things I learnt this weekend

1. Breakfast is so much better when its made by your awesome man, while you just get to lay in bed ;)
2. It is possible for your legs to be sore for 2 days after a 30 minute gym session ( leg press machines really work)
3. Shutter Island is a weird, but interesting film.
4. When a store has a "back in 5 minutes" sign up its often a lie
5. Its difficult to video stuff when you on the back of a motorbike
6. At the moment I prefer quinoa to rice
7. Somedays you can buy ice-cream on Signal Hill
8. Growing my natural hair colour out is not so bad
9. I may be obsessed with buying Kinder Joy eggs
10. Some things are just not worth being annoyed about

What did you learn this weekend?


  1. Oh I love Kinder Joy eggs!

  2. 3 Things I learnt:

    1. If I leave my cell phone in reach of my one year old I will have teeth marks on the touch screen.

    2. Wasabi peanuts are nice, wasabi peas are nicer!

    3. I can quite happily drink Cabernet Frank.

    (Also a huge Kinder Joy fan.)

  3. What I have learned this weekend:

    A busy Party weekend makes for a very difficult Monday at work. I can barely keep my eyes open.

  4. i think any meal served to you is awesome.
    I remember taking a toning class at the gym and I had trouble walking properly for almost a week after. Two days is much better.

  5. Breakfast is the best when it comes from the BF but also great when it comes in the form of scrambled eggs, bacon, a croissant and a cappuccino from Melissa's in Kloof Street. Sorry but I'm single, I have to have an alternative option :)

    I was stiff for an entire week after climbing Skeleton Gorge. And I'm normally stiff for a couple of days after any gym class. So your two days is totally normal.

    I haven't heard of Shutter Island.

    That "back in 5 minutes" is always a lie! But imagine being stuck in a store for 8 hours or so, straight?

    I am yet to experience the back of a motorbike, can you believe? Even a scooter. I've done the quad bike at least. I'm sure Sunday was a great day for riding. Lucky you!

    That ice cream from Signal Hill is pretty great.

    I'm still a natural blonde, hoping that I can keep it that way for a few more years.

    Did you try the white candy coated eggs from Woolworths this Easter? Delish!

    Most things are just not worth getting annoyed over.

    Have a great week :)

  6. That's awesome! Where do you get the Kinder Eggs? I know my roommate used to get them in Europe, but I've never seen them stateside...

  7. your ice cream comment triggered a few posts! :) heehee
    another one :


  8. I learned:
    *I love wine
    *Rope courses are awesome, especially when your boyfriend is a monkey and you never realized how brave your mom was
    *I have a crazy fear of braking my bones. I never knew how intense I was about it!
    *My parents are the easiest people to hang with.

  9. Luved the things you learnt this wknd! I had a horrible wknd, so I learnt that I have to handle my stress and take better care of myself : ) xxx

  10. :) Sounds like a fun weekend.

  11. Kinder Joy eggs FTW! I love them too and so does my kiddies.

  12. I learnt:
    1) My mother's medical theory "leave it and it will go away" doesn't apply to this headache
    2) I need to learn to give people a second chance
    3) My man is secure enough in himself to occasionalyl do girly things with me ;-)

    Quinoa is awesome, I agree. never been much of a rice fan. Peral barley is also divine. It just takes so long to cook!

  13. I love your number 10 - Some things are just not worth getting annoyed about. I learned the very same lesson last week.....it's just not worth it sometimes :)


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