Thursday, 1 April 2010

April hoping

I'm rather happy that March is over now, because between you and me it was a rather uncool, dull month. I am hoping that April will be way more interesting and riculously cool....even though I woke up this morning and noticed that I may have a cold sore developing on my lip (which I'm hoping its just an April fools day prank by my face). Clearly I like to live in hope and denial *grins*

This weekend is a long, 4 day weekend - and I can not wait! I am hoping to do lots of fun stuff and use my time wisely, but I do realise that I may just end up laying on my couch in a self induced, sugar coma  (brought on by too many chocolate eggs) for a few days - and that will be ok too :)

So, what you up to this weekend? do tell...

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  1. Yay for April! It's going to be an Awesome, Amazing April, I just know it :). It's also my birthday month (hehe). I hope that you have a fabulous long weekend... :). Love love xx

  2. I also hope april will be better! :) Not sure what we will be up to this weekend, hopefully just chilling! :)

  3. Love the pic of the bunny ear girl, it's so cute! Hope you have a chocolate filled and happy easter weekend! :)

  4. Enjoy the long weekend.

    My 4 year old phoned the Easter Bunny (hubby's voice in disguise) this morning to remind him to bring her and her sister chocolate Easter Eggs.

    Cheeky wee Bugger!

  5. happy Easter Brazen!!

    I get cold sores much too often, got one NOW. dr gave the best pills ever and now i dont get them so much anymore.
    i think ive eaten like 8 easter eggs today alone...and its not even easter yet!! :O


  6. I love the pic! April is my favorite month w/Easter as my favorite to 4th of July. HOpe you have a happy Easter!

  7. Enjoy the chocolate. I am so going to.

  8. Why does everyone seem to have a long weekend!? I wish I did. Lucky you and hope you get everything done! :)

  9. This weekend I am eating lots of white Easter eggs. Relaxing, catching up on Cupcake Couture things, taking photos, celebrating my fiance's birthday, sleeping, looking for a new book to read and thinking up new home decor ideas for our little flat. Have a happy Easter! x

  10. Yay for long weekends! I feel the same way - March was boring and uneventful and good things will def come in April! Have a great weekend!

  11. i hope you had a rad weekend!!!

    i sure hope this month is better. ack. this year has seen way more damn tears from me than i care to shed. hopefully that nonsense is done and over soon and i can get to the good stuff. HOPEFULLY! and you too! :)


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