Mind de-cluttering, writing and smiling

Darlings, I must apologise if Ive come across a bit distant lately - my head has been a bit cluttered...So, I have been spending alot of time in it, organising and getting rid of any unnecessary silliness (its been good for me).

When I have not been in my head, recently I have been: Spending time with The Boyf, collecting Kinder Joy toys (don't judge me), watching Season 1 of Gossip Girl (for the second time), browsing too many blogs, drinking tea, staying away from take-out food, thinking about my birthday party next month (Planet Bar?), planning my winter  wardrobe on a tiny budget (its not easy) and trying to read study books.  Yup, I've been a bit of hermit...

Yesterday a lovely blogger (Simply Mel) asked me how my writing is going. To answer: well, its not going anywhere at the moment, but I truly hope to put more effort into it soon. As promised, I will be sharing some of my creative writing from time to time - So, the second part to my "Beach Swim" post will be up soon (if you were wondering).

In random (slightly mushy) news: I am feeling so happy this week. Things just seem to be falling into place in my head and I feel so optimistic about the future in general (mainly due to uncluttering my mind and my absolutely wonderful Boyf)

Hows your mind this week?


  1. I also need some mind decluttering! mine is full of icky sickness now :( Yay for being happy though and having a wonderful boyfriend! That always helps! :)

  2. I'm glad you're feeling more focused and happy. A cluttered mind isn't fun.

  3. hey brazen! im glad you are decluttering, i also definatly need that...damn

    I also wanted to as you about your book! I'm amped for part 2 , can't WAIT!!!!!!

  4. Ahh - enjoy! De-cluttering in any form is always good.

    So you are not the only collector of Kinder Joy toys - when my kids were smaller I could get away with taking them and my pride and joy is my Asterix collection circa Dec 2007 or there abouts:

  5. Yeah haven't made much progress on my book either. It seems that life has just gotten the way.

    Right now I'm really excited about the upcoming Soccer World Cup. Purchasing tickets tomorrow.

  6. Hey my awesome blogger friend,
    I'm glad you're feeling in a happier space and more optimistic about the future. You're boyf must love this post hehe :)

  7. My mind is feeling a tad busy this week, I need to put it on a pillow and let it chill for a while and regroup.

    I'm glad you're feeling better though!

  8. A lovely lovely post and so good to hear you so happy. Mind de-cluttering sounds perfect. I should learn how to do that too :) Good luck with the writing!

  9. Hi, I´m a silent reader... love your blog... anyway what´s with the kinder joy toys? I have two girls who are all into Hello Kitty, Disney princesses and such pink things, and I have a few of this kinder toys

    It´s the Kinder Egg Toys 10 of the Crocodile collection 1992 in case you can´t see the link.
    Anyway, if you like them so much I could send a few your way.

    Let me know I´ll be happy to do it.


    e-mail in my profile

  10. Sometimes retreating into our heads is so necessary. Good for you!

    Much ♥!

  11. :-) I think a mind declutter in mandatory every few months ESPECIALLY when trying to write a book.

    Am glad you are on the upswing ... living inside a cluttered headspace is so,um, uncomfortable?

    I find running helps....hope you have been able to pound the pavement a big - quick, get out there while the weather is still gorj.

  12. I definitely understand the hermit/de-cluttering thing. Sometimes it's just needed.

    My mind has been on a roller coaster lately! Gotta love college finals! :)

  13. Wow, this mind decluttering sounds like it really works! I need to try it. I hope to read some more of your writing soon.

  14. I'm feeling optimistic about the future too. Have the wound care appt. tomorrow and expect good news. And the b/f is being especially sweet lately. It's all good!

  15. I am happy to hear that things fall in place in your head. Always nice when things just fall in place in one's head, it gives inner peace and I'm sure you know what I mean with that :)

  16. Mind decluttering is good. Yay for feeling clearer and happier about things. Your blog is so sweet and honest. x

  17. Mind decluttering is always a must... been there too, hence not being in blog land and commenting far too late...

    Planet bar is good (tho I may be a little bias seeing is that I work at the Mount Nelson), but really it is amazing, still no place like it :)

    Happy Birthday for next month :)


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