Friday, 7 May 2010

Cool, vintage print giveaway

Today I am happy to announce the start of a giveaway sponsored by Ladylotus (I really adore her vintage prints).

The winner of this giveaway will get to choose any ONE of the below 4 prints (Rolleiflex, sewing machine, typwriter or camera):

Description: These prints are part of Lady Lotus's "Metallic Relics" series. They were all originally a reduction linoleums that she turned into screenprints. Black water based ink and beautiful white rives bfk paper (which is 100% cotton and acid free) have been used for these prints. Each print is a slightly different size (ranging between 8 1/2" x 10 1/2" to 11" x 14"). I think these would look great framed in a study or sewing room.

1. Be a follower/subscriber, THEN please visit the Ladylotus Etsy store and tell me which print you like best.
2. Blog and/or tweet about this giveaway for an extra entry (please let me know what the link is to your blog post)

Notes: *Anyone may enter. *This giveaway will end on Wednesday, 19 May and the winner will be announced on Thursday, 20 May. Good luck!

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  1. I am a follower. I love the Silkscreened turquoise feather tee from ladylotus' shop


  2. Oh I really really need those camera screen prints - both of them!! They would look fabulous in my house!

  3. And I blogged

  4. oooh, how can I choose?? They are all so fantastic! Ummm, okay I will commit to the Rolleiflex camera print. Or is it the sewing machine? answer...the Rolleiflex camera. It would make a great wedding gift, I get married on the 29th :)

  5. I follow and my favourite is 35mm Camera!
    cal_rubies at yahoo dot es

  6. Oh you know I follow and I would love the any of the two cameras - for obvious reasons.

  7. Mother always said not to be pushy but I MUST HAVE THE TYPEWRITER PRINT.

    I recently bought a vintage (circa 1946) Remington typewriter from a bric-a-brac market.

    Not only is the LadyLotus print beautiful, but if I hang it right above my real typewriter I might find my way out of the writer's block I've been having...

  8. The Mix tape Tee is pretty darn rad!!

  9. Following :)
    The t-shirts are awesome - especially the metallic relics.
    I'm in a camera mood lately. :)

  10. Love the Rolleiflex camera. Nice to stumble upon your blog.

  11. new followers :D
    i love 35mm Camera Screenprint on Paper


  12. I lovelovelove the typewriter! It look just like my tiffany-blue one I use :) Pick me pick me!

  13. I adore the Rolleiflex Camera Screenprint!

    I'm following you :)


  14. Love the sewing machine print - it reminds me of an old machine that my mum had.

  15. I love this prize!! I really want one! I think the camera is the coolest, but I really can't choose! All I know is, this will look great in our new place - moving in 2 weeks!
    I'm a follower and I tweeted.
    JuicyJemma on Twitter!

  16. I love all of her prints! the 35mm will look cute in my craft room :)
    your giveaways are always awesome!

  17. already your follower :)

    i love 35mm Camera Screenprint on Paper :)

  18. It's a tough one! Toss up between the typewriter and the camera print! I think I'll go with the camera! Such beautiful attention to detail in a print - love it!

  19. Hey lady! I'm a follower & I love the sewing machine print! My mom collects vintage sewing machines.

  20. i am a follower!!
    i am in LOVE with the typewritter print!


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