Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Current addictions

* Dark grey nails - They rock! Essie and OPI make great, dark grey nail colours (just FYI).

* Brie cheese - Currently brie cheese has replaced mint chocolate as my treat of choice. It's so yummy.

* Wonderbra lingerie - I just recently bought a few things by Wonderbra and I really adore them (and the prices are so reasonable). I am defiinitely going to be buying alot more stuff from Wonderbra in the future.

* Soccer stuff- I'm not usually a big soccer fan, but with the World Cup just days away, I think "soccer fever" has started to set in. I just got myself a 2010 FIFA World Cup Official Guide book (R50), the Boyf just put a big South African flag on his bike and I am hoping to go get The Boyf & I some South Africa soccer t-shirts soon.

* Chandeliers - At the moment I am lusting after chandeliers. I really want a little black or white chandelier for my apartment.
What are you currently addicted to?


  1. Also plannig on getting us some soccer shirts this week. We are no soccer fans, but I think its a must.

    LOVE Chandeliers. Cant wat to have my very own house so I can get a sparkly chandliers!

  2. I luv any cheese and Essie and OPI rock too! Hope you have a lovely Wednesday xxx

  3. loving the dark nails. if i ever give up my OPI vodka and caviar, I'll definitely try something dark.
    I saw this most amazing purple underwear set by Wonderbra but they didn't have my size. was bleak.

  4. I'm starting to feel bad about how unenthused I am with the whole World Cup thing!

    Far more into nails and lingerie :)

  5. Brie cheese and I are mates...especially if she brings along some fig on the side...hmmm.

  6. Even better in the cheese line: fried Cammenbert with dried figs.

  7. I love brie & chandeliers. In my future apartment I will definitely have a chandelier.

  8. i have been searching for chandeliers for awhile now - sooo expensive. oh well - maybe we will get it right and find nice ones for a good price :)

  9. My current addiction - sleeping late with the electric blanket. hmmmm

    also gumboots in the rain

    and i'm going to paint my nails when i get home, thanks <3


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