Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Eclipse movie thoughts

I hardly ever get out of bed before 6:00 am, but this morning I had an awesome motivation to get me up at 5am - Tickets to a 6am screening of Eclipse at Cavendish with Twinkle ;)

I absolutely loved Eclipse and I do think its the best Twilight saga film so far. I don't want to give any big spoilers (for those of you who have not seen the film yet or read the books), but I will tell you a few things I really liked about this film:
* All the characters hair and make-up was much better than the first two films
* Taylor is a much hotter and more loveable Jacob than he was in New Moon
* Edward and Bella smiled alot more in this film :)
* The soundtrack rocked ( I have it and adore it )
* The tent scene
* The wolves look more realistic
* The part where Bella says "kiss me" and what happens next
*  It does the book justice (-and it was my favourite of the 4 books)
I really cannot wait for the next part, which is the last book in the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn (Apparently it has been confirmed that it will be split into 2 films).

Have you seen the movie yet? What did you think?

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  1. I loved it as well! Nice review:-)

  2. Hey dat's a nice thought...Loved it.I love twilight Series especially Robert's character..insearch of my bella...:)

  3. Hey i luv ur thought...I luv Robert's character...I'm in search of my bella..thanz alot for sharing :)

  4. I really can't wait to watch the film and LOVED the books but can't get over my irrational hatred of Kirsten has put a big dampener on the last two films, maybe if she is cracking the odd smile I will start to like her a little bit more...

  5. Eclipse was my favourite book so I'm glad the movie was good.

    I didn't think they did as good a job of capturing the chemistry between Bella and Edward in New Moon as they did in Twilight so I hope there is more chemistry in Eclipse.

  6. Yey! So excited!
    I'm glad you said "The movie is very close to the book" cause New Moon was my favourite book but it felt like they left out to many great moments in the movie.

  7. They've confirmed Breaking Dawn will definitely be 2. Awesomeness.
    Have to wait until November next year though. But for Edward, it's worth the wait ;)

  8. So very jealous of you that you had the opportunity to go and see it. Can't really afford to go and see it, this time in my life, so I will wait for the DVD. Glad you've enjoyed it.

  9. Oh I ma glad they smiled more - I hate that they are both so sulky.

  10. also my favourite book. we're going on friday. getting excited!

  11. oh wow, you lucky fish! I am going this weekend :) I love the soundtrack too. I am also enjoy the books and thought that the movies rarely lived up to it, hopefully this one will be better!

  12. *squealing like a pre-tween*

    i cant wait!!! seeing it at 5pm

    as a Jake-girl its hard to believe he can be any hotter.

  13. I'm only going to see it on Saturday, but am so happy you said it was great. Some of my friends saw it last night and said it wasn't that good. I'm discarding their opinion and sticking to yours!

  14. oh my word.. i cannot physically wait for this!!


  15. Soooooooooooo glad you enjoyed it!!!

  16. awww reading this has made me even more excited! It only releases next week here and I can't wait!!

    Great review, thanks!

  17. This was my favorite book as well. Listening to the soundtrack now - AMAZING! I am SO bummed that the next film won't be out for almost a year and a half! That seems drastic after having the last two released so close together.

  18. I saw it last night. Has definitely been the best of the three movies so far, but it was also the best of the books.

    Bella and Edward still make me want to punch them in the neck, but Taylor as Jacob is charming (and so nice to look at too!) and Charlie steals every scene he is in.

    The CGI is vastly better this time around too.

  19. I absolutely relished every moment of Eclipse - it is shot so beautifully that each scene is a real visual feast! Must say I wasn't as aware of the soundtrack in Eclipse as I was in the previous two movies. I think the cinematography (read: hotness of RPattz)distracted me a little from the music! I will have to watch it again and concentrate on the soundtrack a little more the second time around...


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