Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Lust have: Mulberry bags

Right now, I am lusting after these two casual (and highly functional) bags by Mulberry. If money wasn't an object, I would have bought both by now...

1. The leather, "Steel Neely"bag by Mulberry. Currently priced at about $1072 (I think this bag is going to be making an appearence on Gossip Girl Season 4)

2.  The oversized "Alexa" leather bag by Mulberry. This pretty bag will set you back about $1300.

To see more bags by Mulberry click HERE and HERE

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  1. Brazen ... They're ugly. The dress however is gorgeous.

  2. They are beautiful just wayy wayy out of my price range! I'd have to live with them!

  3. omg i didn't know there was an OVERSIZED alexa!! i might have gotten it instead of my hayden tote! the regular alexa was too small. i love love love my hayden though <3 xxx

  4. Very cute and functional but yes the price tag is scary :(

  5. Looking very stylish and beautiful. I think these are the most demand full bags for today's market.


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