Friday, 13 August 2010

I like grey couches

Lately I've been obsessed with grey couches (especially velvety ones). While I still love the idea of a white couch, I think a grey couch would be equally versatile and even more practical :) 

Do you like grey couches? 

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  1. i loooove grey couches - especially the one we saw in the window of a shop in kloof street :)

  2. Love the first pic!

    I would so love a grey couch but got a brown leather couch from my mom. The brown leather and grey velvet together in one room. Not a good look.

    Anyways have an awesome weekend Brazen!

  3. These images are stunning!!! I especially like the first one! I am crazy about grey and yellow combos! Love the wallpaper!

  4. I love grey anything right now. I'm actually looking at buying a grey coucg, but just can't get myself to take that leap!
    It looks stunning with yellow or blue or purple or... anything really....

  5. I love gray so I'd have no problem with gray-toned furniture.

    And call me an oddball (everybody does), but I hate, hate, HATE black, which is weird because gray is about as close to black as you can get without it being black.

    Did I mention that I'm an oddball???

  6. Yes of course, with that much loveliness, who wouldn't fall in love?

  7. I would just loooove a gray couch. also totally love the gray/yellow combo right now.

  8. I actually discovered lately that I do love grey Couches

  9. I would love to know who made the yellow and grey floral wallpaper in the top image??


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