Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Summery days

 The weather is starting to warm up here and I can't wait until beach weather officially arrives. Summer in Cape Town is always ridiculously beautiful. 

I really like the above photos (from the Marie Claire Turkey July 2010 issue), they are just so dreamy and summery. I am smitten with the lace dress in the second pic.

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  1. I also found those pictures lurking on the net a few days back and they are perfect! The ideal summer holiday.

  2. Agreed. I can't stop dreaming about Summer in CT. Never get sick of it.

    Embracing Style

  3. Those pics make me want to pack up my stuff get on a plane, and have a carefree fabulous European vacation. If only!

    SO excited for summer!

  4. Yeah, can't wit for summer. Will be surfing every second day.

  5. It was 104 degrees and sunny on Saturday.

    Today, Tuesday, it's 66 degrees and overcast.

    I want Saturday (and summer) back!

  6. Oh now I want to go to Turkey again.


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