Friday, 3 September 2010

Random happy notes...

Today is a happy day.... The weather in Cape Town is so stunning, I feel very loved, The Boyf' found out that his sister went into labour this morning (**update: she had a healthy boy), I am having my hair salon blowdried later and its Friday (finally) *smiles*

In other lovely news, yesterday the SA Blog Awards corrected an error and now this blog (and not my book blog as it had incorrectly stated) is in the Top 10 voting stage of the SA blog awards, in the "Best Personal blog" category (Thank you darling readers!). If you would like to vote,  just go over HERE and show my blog some love.
(note: apparently Each voter will be able to vote once every 24hrs, per unique email adddress if they so choose)

Tonight I am going to watch Salt with some friends, tomorrow is still rather unplanned (but I am hoping to play a little game of squash sometime during the day) and on Sunday I am going to a babyshower ('tis the season for babies, it seems). 
What are you all up to this weekend?

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  1. It is a perfect day here! Just voted for you again!;)

  2. Congrats to your boyfirend's sister and congratulations to you for the nomination for Best Personal Blog. Will be voting.

    Enjoy Salt!

  3. Yeah! I voted for you yesterday...and for miss Lanalou. :-)

    Enjoy Salt - I plan to see it next week. Cant really say I am a Jolie fan BUT the movie looks dang good.

  4. Congrats on being shortlisted. I'm so happy it's Friday and the weather is great!

  5. see you later :)
    enjoy the hair dresser - i'll be sure to comment how it looks later - hehehe will need to come up with some silly comments about blow dried hair between now and later :) *evil grins*

  6. Ooh let me know what you thought of Salt!

    Tis also the season for getting engaged it seems as I hear about a new diamond glad finger on facebook daily :) Enjoy the baby shower!

  7. Erm, the woman is in labour and you're saying how wonderful? You do know that babies aren't delivered by stalks right? She's going to push a watermelon-sized object from her VAGINA. The pain. The stretching. The holy crap, they might cut her. Down there!!! The horror, Brazen. The horror!

  8. Sid - True, that comment is misleading..I dont think labour is wonderful . In fact it scares me so much that will only be having a C-section and I want to be knocked out (lol). I have made a correction - so that people dont assume i think labour is wonderful ;) x

  9. Sid - you totally crack me up (have I mentioned that today yet).

  10. Your plans sound great! I will be spending my weekend trying to get some studying done. I watched Salt today and it sure is fantastic; I'm sure you'll love it!

  11. LOL! That Sid cracks me up! Congrats on the nomination, will def vote for you! ;-)

  12. It's Labor Day w/e here in the U.S., a 3 day holiday...and the family is having a bbq Saturday. Sun/Mon are wide open.


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