Thursday, 9 September 2010

Hot vamps & fashion envy

Two of my favourite TV shows have new seasons starting this month...
Season 2 of The Vampire Diaries starts tonight in the US (hooray!) I'm looking foward to seeing a few steamy scenes between Katherine and Damon *winks*
Season 4 of Gossip Girl starts on 13 September in the US. Its going to be totally awesome! To see some sneak peek photos click HERE

Note:I am not sure when these will start in South Africa.

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  1. These are two of my favorite shows!Can't wait!


  2. I am a Gossip Girl fanatic! Cannot wait for Season 4!

  3. Princess V - Me too! soooo excited.

    The Chef-ette - ditto :)

  4. Can't wait to see Damon again!

    Thanks for letting me know. Made me day!

  5. you are lucky people, we have to wait an age in the UK :'''''(

  6. Lizsara - Here in SA we also have to wait a long time until its on normal TV.

  7. These are my two favourite shows :D

    I cannot wait! I got so excited when I saw that Vampire Diaries started tonight, then I read in the U.S.

    Anti-climax of the year! Do you know what day it comes out here?

  8. Ooooh so hot! Plus so exciting! Can't wait...both are my favs too.


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