So long September

Darlings, can you even believe its the last day of September already? This means Christmas is just under 3 months away....its madness.

September was a rather lazy, splurge-filled and slightly irrational kinda month for me.
In a nutshell: this month I read alot of fashion magazines, avoided exercising frequently, had a mini mental crisis about ridiculous things (that are too silly to admit to), watched a copious amount of TV series, constantly felt lucky to have The Boyf, gave in to naughty food cravings too often, bought too much (mainly clothes & shoes), got annoyed at my lack of general willpower and made The Boyf promise to keep my tempting credit card away from me for a while *grins*.....  Anyway, I am hoping that October will be a much more disciplined and productive month for me :)

In other random news from September: I just booked tickets to go see the Eat Pray Love movie next week. I did another outfit "shoot" - which I plan to post next week (since so many of you liked the last one). I decided that I really want a french bull dog (like the one pictured on left) because they make me giggle when I see them. I started reading a new book (see here).

So, how was your September?


  1. Eventful, hectic and quite frankly, I'm glad its over-skadovers.

  2. Not nearly warm enough; therefore spent far too much time indoors, ate too much cake and barely exercised. Sadly, it all caught up with me today when I went shopping for a bathing suit...

  3. September is a blur! I remember being excited in August about my birthday month coming up and then whoosh its gone. Scary!

    Excited for summer though!

    Ps. Your outfit post was super fab. Looking forward to the next one.

  4. My September was similar to yours in that I dodged gym and ate to much junk food. Oh well! It was fun.

  5. September was also a blur for me.
    Went by wayyy to quickly. Otherwise.. I had an average month!
    October sounds good to me.

  6. September was a fun-filled month for me! Birthday celebrations and lots of prezzies!! Flew by!

    Your outift post was lovely and the Oct/Nov book lists are great! Can't wait to get reading!

  7. It's been a bit of a stressful month for various reasons...I'm quite glad to see the back of it!
    Roll on October as it means I will be going on holiday soon (to Spain, yay!)...sadly inches us closer to winter though, in the northern hemisphere :(

  8. i know, where has this year gone!!?and then... in the shops today - i heard Christmas music playing, i mean really?

    looking forward to more outfit posts and that dog is too presh! always thought it was some kind of pug.. whoops


  9. A daft Scots lass - me too.

    Miss E - ye, im not looking forward to bathing suit shopping.

    Love& stuff - Im also excited for summer.

    Anthea - being lazy is fun :)

    Jessica - sounds good to me too

    Emma - your month sounds awesome.

    Nat - you are so lucky. take me with ;)

    Miss Molly - Christmas music? already? thats mad.

  10. Can't wait for the next outfit post.

  11. October will be better than Septmebr. Hopefully I'll win the lotto!

  12. my september sucks >< i hope october better :)

  13. My September was full of angst (and Dr. appointments). I hope October is a little more care (and doctor) free.

  14. French Bulldogs are sooo cute! Hehe, I know those mad months all too well. Have a happy October! x


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