10 things I learnt this weekend

1. Country Road has the best ribbed tank tops
2. Some things just need a new coat of paint to bring them back to life
3. The Gates is a rather odd TV series ( I still can't decide how much I like it)
4. I am loving the colour "coral" at the moment. Its such a happy colour.
5. People like to run out in front of my car at the last minute (its so annoying)
6. Apple Cinnamon cereal by Peace Cereal is realy delicious.
7. Michelle Williams will play Marilyn Monroe in a new film (see more HERE)
8. I really like my curly hair when it behaves.
9.  You can survive without a microwave
10. Anything worth having is worth working and waiting for (simple, but true).

What did you learn this weekend?


  1. I learnt that 6 hours without power in the middle of a storm does not make a great saturday if you are by yourself. lol


  2. Loving coral too, spotted an amazing silk coral dress yesterday but it's just too pricey!:(

  3. With you on the "don't need a microwave to survive"

    @Superficialgirl - that sounds horrible!

  4. oooH I love Coral too! I learnt that having fruit patilles for breakfast will give you such a tummy ache that you wont be able to eat for most of the day after! This may be a new weight loss tactic LOL!

  5. Agree about the Peace Cereal - yummy & not that pricey either.

    also love my hair curly when it behaves - it looks best when I get out the sea in the morning and leave it to dry.

  6. Love these posts, look forward to them every Monday.

    I learnt that sometimes it's really important to hold your tongue.

    I'm not an extra small.

    It's okay to spoil yourself a little, even when you really really need to save.

  7. I've just stumbled on your blog, gotta say: I'm gonna be enjoying myself reading through your blog.


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