10 things I learnt this weekend

1.  It can take hours to buy tickets for the U2 concert (but I finally got some)
2. Sometimes one helpful person can restore your faith in a company
3. Cadburys cashew and coconut chocolate is super delicious.
4. Trying out a different hairdresser can be a good idea
5. I need a lot more willpower at the moment
6. Salmon fish cakes are alot easier to make than I thought
7. I can always rely on The Boyf to give me a very honest opinion
8. The second season of Vampire Diaries  is really getting interesting
9. Using a clothes hanger as a place to keep or display your glasses collection is a cool idea (especially when you dont have alot of glasses cases) 
10. No matter how many times I see one, I always enjoy a pretty rainbow

What did you learn this weekend?


  1. must try that chocolate. sounds great!
    if you figure out how the willpower thing works, please let me know. feels like I'm on a mission to eat as many carbs as I can.

  2. Cashew, coconut and chocolate? YUM! Must try.
    Waited in line for U2 tickets for 3 hours, with a sprained ankle. Luckily there was Starbucks to help us out. As we got to the front, we were told that Joburg is sold out. So we booked for CT. At least we're going!
    Love the glasses and hanger idea!

  3. Also took a break from my regular hairdresser and tried someone new. Change is as good as a holiday they say.

  4. After anything Lindt, that choc is my fav! Also love the hanger idea, I am so going home to do that :)

  5. That Cadbury's choc is my FAVOURITE! Doesn't it taste just like the old 7evens chocolate? Mmmm... ^_^

  6. I'm a few episodes behind on season two. I've actually scheduled a couple hours to catch up on Wednesday and cannot wait!

  7. I love the sunglasses on the hanger! x very cute decor piece. as well as practical :)

  8. Love the glasses on the hanger idea - just great.

    My hairdresser - nope, I would rather change my gynea.

  9. Really enjoy stopping by on your blog from time to time. Very creative, original and fresh. Like it :) Keep enjoying Cape Town and post your Salmon fish cake recipe, if you found a good one :)

  10. the glasses idea is pretty awesome!!

  11. Took me two days to book Neil Diamond tickets through all the U2 madness :-)
    Love the hanger idea!

  12. Well I learnt that drinking champagne AND 3 jugs of margaritas are not a good match for a Saturday morning...eish!

    Like the glasses idea...and yay for rainbows! I still believe that they have a pot of gold and a dear old little leprachaun guarding the treasure! *Makes for a fun adventure in life*

  13. i learnt ummmm.....
    just kidding - I learnt how to make other ice cream recipes out of my head :) yay me!

    and life is to short to worry about the silly stuff

    :) hugs

  14. I know! How awesome is that cadbury choccie! One of my faves at the moment! I love that Idea for displaying glasses!

  15. i am totally using the hanger idea for my sunglasses!! love it!!

  16. love your blog, just discovered it today and already i want to start my own lists of "what i learnt this weekend"


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